What sacrilege or genius? Once upon a time a Pontiac Firebird 1967, he swallowed a Toyota Prius+

Bill the Mechanic is a handyman u.s. has proposed a daunting task. A project that has the potential to offend both the fanboys of the Toyota Prius as the fanboys of the muscle car. Using an old Pontiac Firebird convertible that was catching dust in your garage, it has been proposed transplantarle the full mechanical Toyota Prius+. In this way, it will be the first owner of a Pontiac Firebird HSD… front-wheel-drive and consumption of content. But why?

can Sacrilege? Is giving a new life to both the Prius donor as the Firebird classic.

Bill was the proud owner of a Firebird Convertible 1967. Bought it in the year 1979, and enjoyed that for a few years, until for work, you left it stored for a few years. The mice ate part of the electrical components and the corrosion affected his chassis and bodywork. Bill tried to restore traditional, but all were problems. She then went on to catch dust in your garage, while Bill became a big fan of the Toyota Prius, along with an expert in mechanics and reverse engineering.

pontiac-prius-2A good day, thinking of what to do with your old Firebird, discovered that both the battle as the track width of the Toyota Prius+ hybrid was practically identical to that of its muscle car. White and in bottle. Starting with a Toyota Prius+ that had overturned – with only 7,000 km – rescue the body and chassis of a Firebird classic, riding in his entrails the propellant hybrid 136 HP of the Toyota Prius. You will not get fuel consumption as good as a Prius – aerodynamics of 1967 – or the performance of the muscle car.

When you are finished with the project, wants to build a BMW Z3 100% electric for his wife to move through the city with him.

Taking into account that you want a car to go to the beach on Sundays, you will not need neither one thing nor the other. The point troll Bill is that he wants the car to be virtually identical to the Firebird classic from the outside. The conversion will be very professional. Has adapted the dashboard of the Firebird instrumentation of a Lexus HS 250h and will create from scratch emblems that read HSD with the typography classic Pontiac. Bill is a perfectionist, and believes that the entire project will take at least 3 more years.

pontiac-prius-1The adaptation of the mechanics is simpler than it seems: when you have a battle and track width are identical, you can replace a good part of the original chassis with the mechanics of the Prius donor. The only problem that Bill believes find is with yourself. You have arthritis and your garage has no heating, so in the cold months can not work properly. In addition, you have to combine this project with their work: chief engineer of a manufacturer of urban buses with hybrid engine.

Source: Autoblog
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