What SEAT is preparing a new large SUV? Could arrive in 2020

SEAT Ateca

¿Will have shortly the SEAT Ateca an older brother? It is very possible.

Not many days ago since we were talking in Engine.is plans to SEAT for the next few years. A few plans that, in the short term, already talk of launching a new SUV, very compact dimensions, within the range of SEAT, would be a step below the SEAT Ateca. While it is not a surprise since that is something that had been tossing around for a long time.

Now, what would be a surprise is to see a large SUV located above the Ateca range of SEAT. Something that might seem at first improbable but that, in the last few weeks, is gaining a lot of strength. And in case outside little, a high charge of SEAT in the Uk has come to ratify this information, ensuring that it is not something unfeasible, and that it is “considering”.

In particular, it has been Richard Harrison, Head of Production in the Uk, who has confirmed that SEAT is currently discussing internally the fact of launching a new large SUV that would be as option top of range. A model that, if it finally receives the green light, could see the light at some point at the end of this decade. talking about the year 2020 although it is too soon to venture any details like this.

SEAT 20v20

SEAT 20v20, a concept with which we anticipated the Ateca and another SUV smaller that will come soon.

Harrison has commented that the growth curve of the SEAT in the next few years will be directly linked by the launch of the new SEAT Ateca as well as the other SUVS that are on their way and by the expected renewal of Ibiza, one of the central pillars of the Spanish brand. Thanks to this growth it is already experiencing the brand, will open up a whole new range of opportunities.

“Within SEAT there is a healthy debate about where we go now. Currently we sell cars that meet the 52% of the market, by the end of 2017, this percentage will grow to 80%.

The fact of launching a large SUV it is very interesting. When we saw the SEAT 20v20 in vivo, it is something that we began to shuffle, however, a model of these characteristics would entail entering into a land unknown to us”.

SEAT Ateca

the arrival of The SEAT Ateca opens up a whole range of possibilities.

Is more, Richard Harrison makes a special emphasis on the factor of price. Harrison says that a SUV of great size located above the SEAT Ateca would have a price too high and with the who have never been familiar to followers of the brand. Can it be a handicap? Because everything points to that as well could be.

Versions Cupra SUV SEAT

while it would not be a surprise the fact of getting to see a variant Cupra of any of the SUV’s SEAT, Harrison has indicated that he is a very likely possibility. Is more, recently we hunted in Engine.is to a test unit of the SEAT Ateca Cupra. The first evidence that confirmed its future arrival.