What Seat Tecta or Seat Teqta?


Yesterday in engine.is we would echo the name with which to baptize the first SUV Seat which will be presented officially in march at the next Geneva motor show coming in the new range of models from the Spanish manufacturer; Seat Tecta.

But, the surprise we have taken when doing a little research among the records of patents and national and international brands, we do not have any trace of the name that we set out in the article. However, if we’ve discovered that it appears to be recorded from September 2014 for part Seat very similar; TEQTA.

of course, it would not be the first time that a medium such as the our publishes information that belongs to bring a little more to the reader about the present recent industry that finally it ends up being a reality in the market, we are all human at the end of the cabo.



Since September of 2014 Seat is the owner of the mark Teqta, seeing the international registrations.

But what is really true is that, in the same way that work teams development in the fine tuning of the car before his departure to the market, also do marketing and naming, and Seat has finally opted to make a small change in the naming of its SUV-B and are certain records with the goal that the name gets a touch more international, the letter Q give the phonetic sound “k” without giving rise to confusion in any country in which it is visible to the sale and do not use the letter K for to get away from the name “Tekna” that used Nissan in the finishes of your range.

Tecta or Teqta. And what else gives as you call it at the end?

The case is that, given the name of Tecta, Teqta or any other of the denominations that Seat has registered and disused (for the time) the important thing is that in just two months, in the next Geneva birth of a vehicle completely new in the Spanish manufacturer, and finally, will incorporate in its range a compact SUV with the focus placed in Spain and Europe in equal parts, and wanting to be a Qashqai killer.

And that is what we are going to deny it, the current goal of any brand-a generalist who takes a SUV is the steal a piece of the pie (and the larger the better) to the market share in this type of vehicles that Nissan has with the Qashqai and Juke, that are being a success of sales.

In Spain, playing at home and seeing the results of annual sales, we can say that the battle is going to be hard-fought, but… what will Play the same role with the new Seat Tecta/Teqta in the rest of european markets?