What SEAT Tecta? They say that this could be the name of the new SUV from SEAT

The SUV of SEAT is more and more near. Good news for the manufacturer of Martorell, and ultimately to the buyer, which will soon have the possibility of gaining access to a new SUV of compact dimensions that we had been waiting for since a long time ago. Except surprise, his presentation will take place at the Geneva motor show this year, which we will see for the first time, live and direct, the first week of march. But the question for us is the following, how is it called? From Germany arriving information to suggest the name SEAT Tecta. What has happened to the tradition of the names of Spanish cities?

Until it is officially confirmed, we have to take caution with this information. If confirmed, this SUV would break up again the tradition of baptizing the models of SEAT with the name of Spanish cities.

The German magazine Autobild has been the one that has been uncovered that could be the name of the new SEAT. We still have to take the news with a certain caution, and wait for either the own brand which announce to your first SUV itself. Confirmed that its final name will be the SEAT Tecta, we would be faced with a new case of rupture in the tradition of choosing a name of a Spanish city. The latest models in the who broke this tradition were the SEAT Mii, the urbanite of the brand in Martorell; and the now-defunct SEAT Exeo.

Understanding the way of thinking of the creatives of the brands that name even would have enough sense. We are already imagining the explanation that we would give SEAT to the respect of the name Tecta not it would be something that will associate your new SUV with the tectonics, and the meaning of this word with etymology in Greek (tektonik√≥s) that refers to the study of geology structure of the earth’s crust.


Now, if you had to choose a Spanish city suitable for an SUV, what is the name of escogeríais?

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