What Shelby GT350, Chevrolet Corvette or… BMW M2? the “small” BMW M comes into the united States

BMW has used the Detroit motor show to introduce the american public to the little brother of the BMW M3, a BMW M2, is well-stocked with muscle and power you will have, taking into account its price, deal in the north american market to an icon of the stature of the Chevrolet Corvette.

In Spain, the BMW M2 has a starting price of 62.900 euros.

BMW has announced a starting price of 51.700 dollars, by 47,500 euros for the BMW M2 in this market, a figure that places it between two sports very representative of the united States, the Shelby GT350 and its 526 horses, with a starting price of 47.795 dollars and the Chevrolet Corvette, with 460 horses and a starting price of 55.400 dollars, some 44,000 51,000 euros respectively.

A good attitude, the essence of U.s. auto perfectly represented, V8, in both cases inclusive… and on the other side of the ring to the compact coupe from BMW M with a 6 cylinder engine and 370 horsepower.

Hard choice.