What should be the analog and reliable car market?

Think you need a car. You want a car that your only concern is maintenance that you can easily do be cheap, and it will not break . What car will you buy? Rather than give a clear answer, we will list the elements that this car should be equipped, as elements not should have in your equipment . And let’s see what conclusions we reached the end of this experiment . One rule only: to be a car for sale in Spain right now


1) atmospheric petrol engine

No turbos, no anti-pollution diesel systems. Pure and simple.

An endangered species, by the way. supercharging systems not want to increase the number of systems that can potentially be spoiled in the future. A diesel car is inherently more complicated, and their systems are susceptible to anti-pollution bill faces case of misuse or malfunction. Furthermore, maintenance is more expensive. We want a car whose routine maintenance than only oil change (with filter) and replacing the spark plugs every few tens of kilometers. [1.99901 million]


2) distribution chain, no belt

The distribution chains are maintenance free and last for the duration of the motor.

The distribution chains have an estimated duration equal to the life of the engine. Some engines subjected to many hundreds of thousands of kilometers may require an adjustment. However, a timing belt replacement requires usually every 60,000 km – 120,000 km and if we do not respect such maintenance and our belt breaks fault affect valves, camshafts and pistons, requiring reconstruction or engine replacement. When in doubt, distribution chain, please.


3) Manual Gearbox

The automatic gearboxes are maintenance and reconstruction for many kilometers.

Cars equipped with automatic transmission require periodic replacement of transmission fluid. Automatic boxes are not fireproof, may require an expensive reconstruction in case of failure or fluid leakage. They are heavy and cars with high torque, require considerable attention. On the contrary, a manual change is far more robust general rule and if it is properly can last without problems the whole life of the vehicle smoothly. [1.99901 million]


4) Few automation, few amenities

A few electronics and automation: less to break, in the vernacular .

If possible, manual windows: its mechanism is reliable, but we make sure that never spoiled. No start button a key start is much less conducive to failure or malfunction. manually adjustable seats and manually adjustable mirrors instead of electric. We do not need a complex integrated infotainment system a smartphone modern what can replace completely. And it is passed – especially in Spain – the air conditioning is not available, we are a unrealistic [1.99901 million].


5) mechanical simplicity, lightness and durability

A simple light car and is the key to success and long-term reliability.

want a car that does not have four-wheel drive, not having a limited slip differential or a complicated independent suspension on both axles. Of course, forget about electronic suspension, variable adjustment addresses, etc. Lighter car is a car whose mechanical components – axles and suspensions especially – suffer less, so the way is a plus. If the vehicle is of commercial origin components will also be prepared for durability .


What is the car’s analog and less prone to failure on paper?

The origin of the Duster SUV should offer advantages in terms of durability.

On paper, it should be a utility or a small commercial vehicle, possibly with one of its most basic finishes, and stripped of equipment. It is a cheap car, comfortable maintenance intervals and in which self may make minor repairs. A car that gives us peace of mind. A Dacia Sandero 1.2 Base with 75 hp engine would have been an ideal choice, but employs timing belt instead of chain. Without leaving the brand, we with Dacia Duster equipped with the familiar 1.6. [1.99901 million]

A motor aspirated 115 hp equipped with chain. The car is impossibly simple, and in its most basic specification, cost only 10,900 euros, stripped of equipment and all manual controls. N ach of Stop & Start, no complexities . Guard it well, and Duster should not give a single fault. Other potentially durable and simple cars are Peugeot 108 / Citro├źn C1 / Toyota Aygo or Toyota Yaris , all equipped with the 1.0 three-cylinder engine and 69 hp. [1.99901 million]

coche-fiable-2 You can now say why there are still so many Peugeot 205 with myocardial kilometradas that continue to war. Maybe it’s that cars were extremely simple. So far we have come. This is not an exhaustive list, and I’m sure there are many more cars that meet these requirements. Why do not you help us to make a list of the most reliable cars analog and on paper? [1.99901 million]

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