What surprise? Why no one wants to be the Ferrari of the King Juan Carlos I?

a few weeks Ago I anticipated that I was about to take place the auction of two Ferrari’s very special. Or so we thought. Because judging by the events does not seem that potential buyers opinasen that were sufficiently special as to pay for them a total of 695.000€. The differential fact that made these two Ferrari were, apparently, special was to have belonged in its day to the King Juan Carlos I. But why no one wants to take them away?

As it seems no one would have been willing to bid the minimum amount that is asked for them. Regarding the latter, there are different versions in the press, from those who claim that there were no bidders for them, as The Spanish, to those who claim that only there was a concerned that I would not have put on the table a sufficient amount to reach the minimum stipulated in the auction. As a result, the auction was declared void, so that the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations will have to decide what to do with them. In any case it seems that it will be able to distribute them without lowering – as a minimum – their auction price.

Days ago we already told you that it was a couple of Ferrari FF, one grey, and one black. By the first called for 350,000 euros, and by the second 345.000 euros. Today we know that such a rebate of 5,000 euros in the second was due only and exclusively to that this had a slight rub on his body, on the front flap left and flap left rear, and a pinch in a rear wheel, a wheel – except for that detail – they are practically new (the car has traveled only a total of 763 kilometers). If you have curiosity, the Ministry has made public their report of appraisal, with all its equipment (see appraisal report), as well as their documents (see permit), and even pictures of one another (see the black and the grey).


I Honestly think that, faced with two cars that just have higher added value than the fact of having belonged to King Juan Carlos I, the only option will be to adjudicárselos a buyer will be looking for a more competitive price, and not so high, that you allow someone is interested in them.

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