What SUV or saloon? Rumors about the “anti-Tesla” Mercedes are still pointing to the Paris Salon to find out

no, it is Not the first time that it was pointing already to the next Paris, past the heat of summer, as the scenario chosen by Mercedes to cope with Tesla with an electric model. Previous rumors have already done though then you what we have in the article, “The SUV electric Mercedes, the anti Tesla Model X europe, could arrive before 2017”, is set to a SUV as the manager of cope to the california firm, direct to the Tesla Model X, while there is now talk of a saloon electric, an alternative to the Tesla Model S with the touch of the German firm.

Motoring is in charge of pointing to the arrival of this saloon, an arrival scheduled for September, and presumably, almost with total security, of a conceptual nature, but letting us glimpse already many ingredients of the future production car.

does With that technology will surprise us Mercedes?Do your range-of-autonomy will be the height of what is offered by Tesla?

This model, be it an SUV or a saloon, will the first step of the brand to offer a range of technology products, electric, a glimpse of what you gradually come to the streets in the next few years, coming as a production model, based on previous rumors, in 2019.

are Already too many rumors that speak of this onslaught of Mercedes to Tesla in the next Paris Salon… do you meet the forecasts?