What the hell does this Bugatti Chiron next to a McLaren P1, a Hurricane, and a BMW i8?

The new Bugatti Chiron has turned to be surprised. Still wearing a suit of prototype, in full phase of development, does not let us see anything we had not seen before, but we are surprised the companies is spent.

rumors speak of a 1,500 horsepower supercar hybrid:

The new Bugatti Chiron will come in the next Geneva motor show.

video-Taped the Bugatti Chiron “camouflaged” is accompanied by a Bugatti Veyron, something that seems logical if we take into account the phase in which it is located, as it is also logical encontrárnoslo next to one of the models performance at the time, the McLaren P1, now…

What the hell does a Lamborghini Hurricane and a BMW i8 next to the Chiron?

Imagine that Bugatti has set for itself in any component of these models, and what is testing together with your creature.

let us Remember that previous rumors had spoken of an evolution of the mechanical supercharged W16 to reach, thanks to hybridization, to the 1.500 horses, a power that is good it would be to reach 100 km/h in just 2.3 seconds.

Video of the Bugatti Chiron in disguise: