What the hell does this Jaguar F-PACE upside down? Record Breaking looping!

This has presented the new Jaguar F-PACE. A presentation could not have been more spectacular. The new Jaguar F-PACE 2016 , which we offered as data and images today, just beat a Guinness record, the looping of the largest ever conducted on a car . The Jaguar F-PACE debuts breaking the laws of gravity, and playing with the laws of physics, to complete a loop of 19.08 meters high .

Jaguar organized for months a challenge to beat the Guinness record for the largest ever conducted on a looping car with a F-PACE invested 19.08 meters high.

According to Jaguar, in the looping would have been reached forces up to 6.5G . The challenge had been planning for months, with different tests and, above all, many physical analysis and a detailed calculation of angles, speeds and dimensions of the structure, which would ensure the success of the feat. Jaguar says assembled a team of engineers, mathematicians and security experts for the record came to fruition. There was no room for any error, nor to a failure in a Jaguar as important to this day.

Enjoy this spectacular gallery that shows us how it went the challenge.


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