What the hell does this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster abandoned in Dubai?

occasionally come to us as sad and surprising images. What the hell can a Lamborghini Aventador LP700 -4 Roadster dusty, abandoned in a parking Dubai? Although enrollment at this brand new Lamborghini Aventador, seemingly brand new, either Abu Dhabi, these images were recorded on a parking Dubai. The car seems to be intact, but quite unworthy dust covering your body, love messages with your finger have drawn some witnesses, and inscriptions translated into Castilian would like to think that say “wash it, piggy.” Although this will prove inexplicable why it is so common that we find abandoned supercars United Arab Emirates is simple to understand.

Sharia, and the harsh persecution by the authorities against defaulters, make many to flee the country leaving his fate as the Aventador sports.

The airport car parks, and some malls in Dubai, are little more than an amusement park for lovers of the most exclusive cars in the world. There is more to see this video, in which it seems that there’s Rolls-Royce them away in raffles. To respect why is abandoned for years many supercars There are different theories, also different possible explanations, but the most common is that mentioned Business Insider.

Sharia, Islamic law gives the judiciary in these countries, is particularly strict with debts . There is no protection for the citizen who is in a situation of bankruptcy, and debts are considered a criminal offense. It is also well known that to maintain their status, many have become very exclusive sports in boom years, in some cases even resorting to credit. By the time the economic situation worsens, the only solution is to flee are leaving their abandoned machines. And that’s the reason why it is so common that appear as a Ferrari Enzo machines gathering dust in the desert.

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