What the hell hide this shadow? What you see is the ultimate showcase technology from Mercedes-Benz

again, we approach a week of intensity information, a lot of today, much news, and dozens of prototypes and products, which will be presented in the Hall of Tokyo 2015. And among all the manufacturers present, Mercedes-Benz confirms the presence of a sort of large van, a minivan, which for the moment we just have this image. The Stuttgart will not be the only ones who have come to Tokyo with their best clothes, in an international salon that, beyond the role of the local brands, will be the perfect setting to contemplate a technological deployment is really important. Starting with this prototype, which is presented as the minivan of the future… and will be able to move without a driver.

Mercedes-Benz is still playing with the technology, the autonomous car and the aerodynamics, with a prototype that will be presented in the Lounge of Tokyo this week.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo – that could be his name – is according to its creators “self-contained, luxurious and advanced.” Its appearance it is still disturbing. In aero, we have the impression that Mercedes-Benz will want to again show us all his cards, as he already did a few weeks ago, the Mercedes IAA Concept presented in Frankfurt. What we imagine for its design in the shape of a bullet, almost as if it were the cockpit of a plane, in which the rear window is an extension to perfect the rest of the body, in which virtually would be gone, the glazed surface side.

Us jugaríamos to the most interesting, without doubt, will be in its interior. Mercedes-Benz takes time intentándonos give clues, his vision of the future, about the future of the automotive industry with the arrival of the self-employed. In fact that was the goal of the Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion, the prototype with the revving this year, and we showed an incredible interior that would not have been possible without relegating the driver to the role of a mere passenger, leaving the driving in the hands of the technology.

do Not miss this week motor. Will be days filled with news, including the prototype that is hiding behind that shadow.

Source: Mercedes-Benz
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