What the hell is this Bentley Flying Spur stuck on a beach?

What you can take to get into a beach with a drive of more than 200,000 euros? Good question. It happened south of England. As we can see in this video, the Bentley got stuck on a sandbar on the beach at Marazion, near Penzance, in a popular tourist spot in the UK. With more than 2.5 tons, the chances of a stranded quedase Spur Bentley flyling were really high. To the extent that the tractor itself trying to rescue the car came to have serious problems in their towed, breaking several times the girth and even being caught himself.

According to Western Morning News, the driver and car owner is a Russian who was wrong to leave a nearby parking lot where he had parked his car to go to a barbecue. The car was eventually rescued. Although they required five hours of work, a tractor, and the collaboration of neighbors and onlookers who came to watch the scene, to get.

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