What the hell is this Mercedes S-Class with the headlights of the SLS AMG?

A car, the more peculiar the that appears on your screen, right? Seems to be an homage to the Mercedes 600, which arguably has been the best Mercedes ever created. The creature you see is called Mercedes 600 Royale, and it seems to be a creation one-off of Galpin Auto Sports, a workshop famous for his collaborations with Henrik Fisker. This workshop – a coachbuilder of the century XXI – has created a Mercedes S-Class with headlights SLS AMG, details SLR and a classic grill. What play exactly?

I don’t know what to say about this car. A part of me loves it, another hates with all his being.

What is certain is that there are hardly any details of this creation. It is a strange car, created as a project of one-off for a wealthy customer from California. A tribute in a modern key, the Mercedes 600, using as a basis a Mercedes S 600 cash W222 – the current generation. In the front they have placed two lenses in a Mercedes SLS AMG and have been surrounded by a chrome ring. The rest of the car has been completely modified, and in fact, I doubt that it is a single panel original in the same. I Look at the calender size XXL!

behind can be seen in a small video recorded with a mobile phone, where you can see new optical and leaks, among other details. Interestingly, the car does not have the logo of Mercedes, but a logo unknown, possibly to avoid legal conflicts with Mercedes. The rims mimic the classic wheels chrome of the Mercedes classic, and after the passage of wheel seems to have an inexplicable air vent taken out of a Mercedes SLR McLaren. I am still evaluating my opinion about this car…

Source: autoblog.nl
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