What there will also be a mode drift for the Audi SQ5?

Audi SQ5 TDI PlusOne of the main peculiarities of the new Ford Focus RS is its “drift mode”. When you have all-wheel-drive managed electronically the system that orders what wheel you must go for the highest percentage of engine torque can send more energy from the engine to the rear wheel of the outside of the curve, causing the sliding of the rear. A few weeks ago we learned that the upcoming Mercedes-AMG E63 will have a system similar, but not identical to, but now the surprise is much greater, since you could also get the Audi SQ5.

Our fellow Coach ensure that one of the managers of the development of the Audi SQ5 has stated that the model will have a settings that will allow you to slide the rear part of the body. The main objective of this implementation is that the SUV the middle of the German brand is more fun to drive at the expense of losing grip on the train later.

Audi SQ5 TDI Plusit Is expected that the Audi SQ5 comes to the european market in the year 2018. Certainly use a diesel engine V6, as up to now, of 3 litres and a power output close to 300 hp. As is usual in the high performance versions of the brand (and also less athletic), you will use the traditional system of all-wheel drive quattro. Depending on the model and the version, sometimes they use a rear differential sports that improves the dynamics of the car by allowing curve to base of gas when once past the apex begin to accelerate.

According to give you to understand, from the british, this rear differential will have a new tune in the Audi SQ5, to allow, and, quote, “a rear more lively and attractive”. We do not know whether really the company of the four rings is ready to integrate a driving mode similar to the “drift mode” of Ford in their Focus RS, or whether they just allow a greater rounding of the curves without getting to be something as exaggerated as in the compact Ford.

Hope this is the first option, which really can allow a step-by-turn slightly faster to be able to accelerate earlier, and that is not a “craze” such as the Focus RS; and it is that I do not think that in a SUV of great size (although it belongs to the sports family of Audi) is very logical to allow it to drift in such a way.

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