What to expect from the restyling of the Fiat 500?


Fiat-500-restyling-2016-1 A yer met the official announcement: the facelift of the Fiat 500 will debut worldwide on July 4, in accordance with the arrival on the market the original 1957 model year and its relaunch in the current generation occurred in 2007 also in the same day. [1.99901 million]

Eight years after its launch, the 500 will update more important. [1.99901 million]

But what can you expect from this new Fiat 500 2016? In terms of renewal will not be a new generation but an update in the visual and in their equipment, but this does not mean that its appearance is too much change, since there is a very successful product for Fiat and although weighing on his shoulders and eight years since it was launched , the Cinquecento stays in good health and as we all know, a successful product should not be changed too.


Outwardly it is expected that the 500 renew their front headlights, with near formats that can be seen in the current 500X, new bumper format something more prominent to accommodate some new air intakes , a grill with a chrome finish and daytime running lights with LED technology.

In posterior headlights also gain LED lights , in a format inspired by the 500X, with an interior layout in which call the red, as the backup lights and fog will find a new location on the bumper.



Win a new and UConnect multimedia system with 7-inch screen. [1.99901 million]

The interior developments are also expected, while maintaining the current format. Remember that recently won the 500 in its range complete a new fully digital instrument panel , so in that sense nothing new is expected. [1.99901 million]

But there will be new details in the format of the central board, new steering wheel, chrome and some minor changes in the controls. He also debut a new system of information and entertainment with UConnect technology, equipped with touch screen 7-inch , which will be located just between the central air vents and that will mean improvement in terms of connectivity and navigation .

This is the same multimedia unit that is used in the 500X model which will also borrowed the multifunction steering wheel . The interior set is completed with some elements that were already present in the version with American specifications and include commanding the glass rises, reading lights located in the ceiling, a new glove box lid and about ensure seats will be more comfortable.

The unseen

Fiat also promises that this renewal also bring improvements in relation to comfort. They added new panels to soundproof the cabin disposed within the wheel arches and the separation between the engine compartment and cabin. This is a major upgrade that involves an environment quieter inside the vehicle and based on design solutions already on the Lancia Ypsilon. [1.99901 million]

promises a renewed Fiat Dualogic box, but for now there will TCT.

With respect to the mechanical there are still too many details, so presumably that will keep the current offer. [1.99901 million]

What I will again be the automatic gearbox Dualogic , to be replaced by a new generation, which suggests that The dual clutch transmissions will not be present in the 500 until the next generation arrives, scheduled for 2017. [1.99901 million]

Its production has begun and arrival in European showrooms is scheduled for August . For variant Abarth will have to wait a little longer, while we believe the version of American specifications manufactured Mexico will renew almost simultaneously, although there is still no official confirmation.
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