What to know before buying an electric car?

option buy an electric car selected among those citizens who want to work with preservation of the environment. Before you decide to buy one must take into account their price, which is higher than for traditional vehicles and their limited autonomy and which can travel only 150 to 200 kilometers of inadequate charging.

¿Qué saber antes de comprar un coche eléctrico?

but has many advantages which we will review in this article.

Advantages of EVs

electric cars give us benefits we must take into account when making our calculations to see if we are interested in buying one:

There savings in fuel concept. recharge an electric vehicle represents an average cost of 2 euros per 100 kilometers, which is very interesting to save, because with a car data petrol or diesel must use an average of 8.5 euros or more.

His maintenance is both simple and economical. An electric car body comprises a single electric motor and battery. This means that the operation is simple and need not perform an oil change, spark plugs and coolant. Likewise, remember that their parts are subjected to less wear and tear, including brake system and thus have a significant savings in maintenance.

-Respetuoso the environment does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere and is an environmentally friendly vehicle. This will be more respect for the environment and residents can also float in city centers where access to fuel vehicles is prohibited.

-Free parking. One of the biggest advantages of an electric car is that these vehicles can park free in the blue and green areas.

There are many advantages buy an electric car. If you dare to buy one to tell us your experiences.

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