What to know when buying an electric car?

If you are interested in buy an electric car, sure you have been raised on benefits and cons that these vehicles can have. Therefore there are several issues you should remember when buying a car of this type.

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Tips for buying an electric car

The first thing you should know is that a electric car performs its macha through energy that stored in batteries either completely or partially, so that different types of vehicles of this type.

-The 100% electric car gives its network power, and supply only comes from batteries.

-The extended range electric car has an internal combustion engine that charges the battery and an electric motor that is powered by the same. Such cars are loaded into the network through a Autorecarga and achieve greater autonomy.

-The hybrid electric vehicle plug electric powered and when or just can not cover certain benefits, it does it with a combustion engine.

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You must remember that even though the price is high at the time of purchase, save costs because you are not forced to use the gasoline oil change and their maintenance is minimal. just need to pay attention battery must be higher or lower, depending on the distance traveled .

-One of the biggest advantages electric car , your greater efficiency versus cars with internal combustion engine, which gives yield more than 70%. A electric car spends € 1.8 / 100 km compared to 6-7 euros / 100 km, which will spend a vehicle with a combustion engine.

must consider one the main points and higher price from Electric cars: his battery price and duration of the .

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