What Turbo or compressor? How do they work? These interactive animations will remove all your doubts

What is better, the supercharger or the turbo? The two systems are the two ways to boost excellence in the automotive world, although it seems that lately it is the turbo that wins the game to the compressor. In your time you talked a little about the differences between the two systems, but it is clear that a picture is worth a thousand words. Then, an animation would be worth more than ten thousand words. Published by a web australian, eliminate all of your doubts about the operation of these systems.

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of course, the basic difference between the two systems continues to be its way of functioning, how they manage to introduce more air to the interior of the combustion chambers. turbos rotate due to the exhaust gases – which would be wasted equally – while the compressors force air into the engine through a system of rollers driven by a belt connected to the crankshaft. Everything looks so much better with animations, 3D models that you can rotate clicking on them, and doing the scroll to zoom. Intuitive.

turbo-compresorThe web also speaks to us of the form of providing the power of these systems boost. The compressors rotate in solidarity with the regime of the engine, its power delivery is similar to that of a naturally aspirated engine, noticing the increase of power and torque, especially at low speed. The problem of the compressors is that they are not too efficient, are expensive to manufacture and moreover, they add a laste considerable the engine. At the same time, are simple and reliable, a quick way to gain power.

turbocharger requires an installation of “plumbing” to the more complex, the installation of a heat exchanger – an intercooler – to cool the gases of admission and other mechanical items. However, they are more efficient than a compressor and its cost has been reduced thanks to economies of scale. Well put point, a system of turbocharging can generate a huge increase in power with respect to a maximum power. The power delivery is exponential, and in many cases, accused of a certain lag.

turbo-compresor-2The website also speaks of the three types of turbocharging more common, as well as the three types of compressors most common. the web in A very didactic that you may open your eyes.

Source: Jalopnik