What vertigo? What Subirías on this bus negotiating a cant of up to 90º?

In Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, very close to the headquarters and the museum of Mercedes-Benz, are the facilities of development and testing that not only work Smart and Mercedes-Benz, but also the other brands of the group Daimler. That includes the bus manufacturer Setra, and their sections dedicated to transport in road, commercial, and industrial. What you may not imagine is that a track like the one you see in this image, with a cant of up to 90 ° , were the perfect scenario to test the stability and security of the bus Setra S 511 HD. Indeed, it is so.

In the test tracks of Mercedes-Benz and Daimler) in Stuttgart there are curves like the one in the image, with an elevation that reaches 90º.

According to Daimler, each year more than 2,500 people visit its premises in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, which opened its doors back in the sixties, and in which there are different tracks for testing of very diverse nature, completing a total of 15 km of slopes asphalted roads.

In these images so unique, that he has published Daimler today, we see the Setra S 511 HD, a bus of more than 10 meters in length that is able to negotiate this curve with a radius of 60 meters and a speed of 100 km/h.


This curve has left us images really impressive, and it’s not only this bus. Below we have a photo of the crew of 1973 in which they are present 450 SL, 450 SLC, 450, and 450 SEL.


Images among which could not miss an icon, the experimental prototype Mercedes C-111, with rotary engine.



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