What war in sight? Ford confirms a power to stop the Tesla Model 3

the presentation of The Tesla Model 3 has not left anyone indifferent, especially to the manufacturers of cars. Tesla Motors aims to break the market of electric cars with a product that speaks of competitive price and performance more than enough to convince any skeptic, and that’s why manufacturers such as Ford intended to take advantage of the time they have until the arrival of the Model 3 to produce its own anti-tesla.


The opponent to beat is the Tesla Model 3, and this is why Ford, Nissan and GM will do everything possible to stand up

Until well into 2018 we will not see the first deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 in the U.S., a period of around 2 years that aim to take advantage of brands such as General Motors with its Chevrolet’s Bolt and Opel Ampera-E and Nissan with the new generation of the Nissan Leaf, to put on the market alternatives to the new electric car from Tesla. But the war of electric cars does not end here, and that is that Ford already alerting you that a new power is in their plans to join in this raw battle.

tesla-model-3-2017-03With the presentation of the Tesla Model 3 will have discovered the letters of the new generation of electric cars: prices between 30,000 and 40,000 $, and autonomy of 200 miles (320 Km). Those are the rules of the game are not written by those who are betting all the manufacturers, being Ford is the last to confirm the development of its new electric car under these numbers. The idea is to to give respite to the little successful Ford Focus Electric, and Mark Fields – CEO of Ford – it has already advance that are intended to compete with Tesla between 2018 and 2020.

ford-focus-electric-2016-03The new electric Ford could be called Ford’s Model E, a name registered by Ford in a move quite controversial anti-Tesla

In the next few months, the Ford Focus Electric will receive an update that will allow autonomies of up to 160 kilometers, but it is clear that these figures are insufficient when the Nissan Leaf already exceeds comfortably the 200 kilometers of autonomy. Ford also reported recently investment plan for the launch of up to 13 hybrid and electric models by 2020, with the recently confirmed new electric car the main project.

Source: AutoNews
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