What we knew but Jato Dynamics confirms it, good-bye to the cars 3 doors

no longer, As it is not a secret that cars 3 doors are not sold as were sold before. Each time you renew a model does so by leaving behind this type of bodywork. From a decade ago, year up year down, the product managers of the big brands have been left in the oblivion models of 3 doors. The market segments that can best demonstrate this carelessness are the urban and compact.

not long ago, every model that came to market in these segments were replicated in 3 and 5 doors. However, with the passage of time, it has been found that the sales of these models did not justify making the investments that were necessary for its arrival to the market. The best example is to see how the Seat Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo last generation will arrive on the market without this type of body. But not only are these the models that have been left behind, others such as the Renault Clio or Fiat Punto has long forgotten.

This change of trend on the market has been studied by Jato Dynamics. The specialist in the automotive industry, has developed a study in which it analyses how they have varied the sales of the cars with 3 doors. According to this company in the year 2009 were sold in the whole of Europe 2.45 million cars 3 doors against the 960 thousand who were enrolled in the 2015. This huge drop is in contrast with the share of the 5 doors in the year 2015, as were 67 percent of the market (that is to say, 6,39 million units registered).

This change of trend is coming for the evolution that is suffering from the market with the arrival of the SUVs and the exponential growth of size, who have suffered all segments of the market. In addition, you must take into account that cars 3 doors are less practical for use in the day-to-day and therefore have succumbed to the charms of cars 5-door. Faced with the evidence by the same manufacturers have succumbed and have slowly been retreating from their catalogues to the cars 3 doors to give viability to another type of body, the “quasi” SUV.

Hopefully, the market and the brands to react and we do not deprive him of the sportiness of some models. Although I’m very much afraid that the burned we are a minority and therefore they will not hear our prayers. A penalty.

Source – Jato Dynamics

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