What we want to say a Lamborghini with this evocative teaser?

Teaser Lamborghini Aventador

The brand of Sant’agata Bolognese has dropped a very interesting video in his YouTube channel. What is certain is that it appears that Lamborghini wants to play ball transferring us to their origins and the most interesting part of all of their vehicles, the motor, focusing on the V12 and in the configurations that have been adopted from to find the Lamborghini 350 GT in 1963.

In this way, shows us the positions in which they have been placed these V12, as are the settings longitudinal front of the first “Lambo”, cross on the rear axle with the mythical Miura or, as in the current vehicles of the mark of the bull, longitudinal post – . In the last few seconds of the short video posted by the official account of Lamborghini, appears an Aventador drifting on earth and the phrase “What will be next?”, what’s next?, translated to Spanish.

If we go, it is very easy to think that the firm that was founded by Ferruccio is working on a new propellant V12 to place it in a way never before seen in the brand. However, it seems that simply be a restyling for the Lamborghini Aventador with any improvement in the engine V12. This model, the Aventador, was released several years ago, so this statement has its logic; even more so when in the last few months have seen some photos of camouflaged units for the network.

Everything seems to indicate that the alleged presentation of the updated Lamborghini Aventador is take place in January, during the Detroit Auto show, although there is no confirmation on the part of the Italian brand. In any case, nor would it be surprising Lamborghini, in addition to the upgrade of the Aventador, show some important concept futuristic in this same event, “killing two birds with one stone” with the video that we have shown. We will wait.

Lamborghini Aventador

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