What we will present to Honda at the Paris motor show?

Honda Civic 2017The summer is over and with the arrival of autumn become the most important news for the car industry, the presentations and car shows. The first big event after the summer is unfolding in our neighboring country, Paris motor show. The japanese manufacturer Honda will be present there with two new features very important mark part in the development of the brand during the next few years.

The star model of the brand nippon is the Honda Civic. It is their best-selling model with more than 20 million units traded in all over the world. In Europe has not had the same performance than in Asia, but, even so, have been sold 3.2 million Civic since I arrived in 1973 to the old continent. Now, the Honda Civic returns to be a generation jump, reaching your tenth generation.

Honda Civic Hatchback Estados Unidos

Honda Civic Hatchback for the united States

Thursday September 29 the signature of the country of the rising sun will display this tenth generation will come to Europe early next year. In addition, not only will come in its version of five doors, but also will be available with a sedan body four-door, very popular in Europe but pretty claimed in other markets. The Honda Civic four-door is manufactured in Gebzé, Turkey; while the variant of five-door is made in Swindon, Uk.

Honda, of time reserves real-life images of the european model to the full but, knowing the last few generations of the Civic, and watching the variant us, we can be sure that his design will give much to talk again. On the other hand, is expected to arrive with a lot of technology and thrusters of gasoline low in the front supercharged and high ratio of power/displacement, something that also will be talking about by the more purists of the compact japanese.

Honda Jazz Spotlight Editionfinally, the manufacturer nippon will debut his Honda Jazz Spotlight Edition. An edition of the urban brand, which, according to Honda, it seeks to differentiate itself from the rest and is focused to lovers of fashion. Aesthetically receives many elements and details finishes in bronze as the grille, the exterior mirrors and 15-inch wheels.

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