What will be finally the Fiat Punto 2019 based on the Argo?

In the next few months we will be able to meet the generational change of the current Fiat Punto, which could be based on the Argo south american.

Andl last year began to emerge early versions pointing to the Fiat Argo as a possible successor to the Point-for the european markets, although it would be subject to review with some adjustments and modifications in order to successfully adapt to the taste and the needs of the public.

while initially it was believed that the fourth generation of the Fiat Punto would be developed on the platform B-Wide, the same architecture that is used by the Fiat 500L, everything seems to indicate that the successor of the current Point has recourse finally to the platform MP1, that with some tweaks would give life to the next generation of this model, which already carries nearly thirteen years on the market, with minimal modifications.

But the passing of the years begins to be felt, not only by an aesthetic issue, although it is worth to say that the design of Giugiaro managed to retain its validity for more than a decade, but also in other aspects such as security, since the model returned to be evaluated by EuroNcap, a few weeks ago and lowered its rating to zero stars, a little honorable milestone for the compact Italian. This does not necessarily mean that the Point will be more insecure than when it was evaluated some years ago, even if is before the new assessment protocols which highlight aspects such as the braking autonomous, something that the current Point is not in a position to offer.

Is expected to the current Fiat Punto was kept in production until the middle of this year and by the time Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has not announced formally to his successor, and some versions suggest that he might change his name.

Without official information, everything seems to indicate that the new Point will not be more than one version europeizada of Argo south america, relying on an aesthetic specific to an endowment more rich by adding some elements of security that are not offered in the brazilian model.