What will get Alpine to create a real car for petrolheads?

it has been almost 4 years that Renault recovered the badge Alpine, giving life to a stunning Alpine A110-50, light, very light and with 400 horses that made us dream of a glorious return to the sports firm. Currently, the project is still in phase conceptual although apparently there is nothing left to know to the production version, now, will comply with this new Alpine with the requirements of the clients more petrolheads?

Of this spectacular prototype 400 horses, inspired by V6 of 3.5 liters, that Renault christened Alpine A110-50 we have moved to a Alpine, who, under the badge of Alpine Vision Concept, we proposed a line next to the Alpine A110.

Between the two models we have heard a multitude of rumors, we have seen even some other unit, camouflaged and we have assisted in the development of this car that was initially shared with Caterham went finally to full hands the French, capitalizing on Renault 100% of the joint-venture, starting with the manufacturer of low-volume british (“Renault buys Caterham their participation in the project Alpine – Caterham“.

But… what we will offer this model?

1440_alpine-vision-2016-20The last conceptual model revealed, presented in mid-February, and of which you speak of in the article “oh, the Alpine is back! With you the Porsche Cayman, the Alfa 4C, French”, already presents a scene very typical of a production model, a model configuration with a two-seater would make gala of a mechanical turbo 4-cylinder, with a cubicaje surely between 1.8 and 2 litre and a power of about 250-300 horses.

rear wheel drive and a weight really content not depart as ingredients of a cocktail which we will have to add an ingredient that we may not like so much: an automatic transmission of double clutch.

what Will be the final equipment (of average price) for the more “burned in”? there are Still many details to discover, including the exact figure of your price and of course, check as well-tuned and enjoyable is its dynamics.

ahead of you will wait for what seems to be a clash with the Alfa Romeo 4C and the Porsche Cayman… what will convince us?Will Renault make this new Alpine is a regular at the trackdays?What this in the mind of the fans to the motor at the time of buy a sporty?