What will happen to the half million of TDI that Volkswagen will offer to buy back in the US? The answer we don’t like…

finally, the Volkswagen Group has reached a agreement with the Department of Justice EE.UU. The goal is to address once and for all the problems caused by fraud in NOx emissions of nearly half a million Volkswagen vehicles equipped with engines 2.0 TDI. In addition to compensation in the millions that my partner, David has already detailed in an in-depth article, the brand must offer to repurchase to the market value of such vehicles affected. What you will do with them is not what you’re going to like.

Volkswagen has not yet provided a viable solution to the problem of excessive emissions of NOx in the 2.0 TDI americans.

The agreement with the Department of Justice clearly states that vehicles repurchased by the brand may not be resold unless they are repaired. That is to say, that your emission control system to reach a legal compliance that does not prevent its proper functioning – to this day, there still is a clear solution to the Volkswagen with the engine 2.0 TDI affected in the U.S. otherwise, the vehicles must be unused, according to the agreement, either explicit, by removing his electronic control unit.

solucion-volkswagen-tdi-01To Volkswagen, the repurchase of these vehicles is already really expensive, so I doubt that at any time they consider their repair. A possible alternative would be to export to a country with standards anti-pollution more lax. No, the agreement also allows, without a system antipollution according to its original specifications. Now, owners who are happy with their vehicles have the option to continue to use them as up to now, with the problem of the huge level of emissions of their engines.

Up to half a million cars could end up in the scrapyard, with his thrusters inoperable.

If Volkswagen does not find a viable solution to the cars repurchased, will be recycled. What do you mean recycled? That will have to go through the crusher, speaking in silver. Do not allow the sale to scrapyards of their electronic control units, particulate filters or oxidation catalysts, selective. In addition, in order to be considered “recycled”, it will be required that the engine is unable to return to work. For this, you must drill a large hole – 7.5 cm diameter – on your engine block.

volkswagen-golf-tdi-revision-emisiones-02it Seems that many scrapyards will end up filled with carcasses of Volkswagen’s relatively new, with engines disabled, without ECU, and without systems, anti-pollution. For owners who want to preserve their TDI affected and not afraid to “get them their hand” when they begin to fail with age/mileage, I predict a huge abundance of parts. If they fail injectors or pumps, common-rail, will not have to resort to expensive spare parts official. I guess it is true that one saying, “raging river, gain of fishermen“.

What is a shame is the waste caused by the arrogance and quick profit of a few.

Source: Jalopnik

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