What will help us the augmented reality to be better drivers? #huyedeltrafico

A revolution is just around the corner, and no, not talking about autonomous cars or new transport systems, we speak of a technology-focused and for the driver. Perhaps I sound of something the concept of augmented reality, something very fashionable in recent times, thanks to innovations like the Google Glass, but surely that concept linked to the car’s os is a much more unknown. There are many technologies that are very close to series production for forever change the way we drive, but creenos, if there is a technology that can mark a before and an after, that is the augmented reality.

The augmented reality will mark a before and an after in the way that we drive.

Until today, the world through the windshield has been shown as is, without cheating or cardboard. However, in parallel we have seen in other systems of our car to other ways of seeing the outside world: cartography in navigation systems GPS, projection systems HUD, internet-based features, etc., With the augmented reality seeks to integrate a nexus of union between the reality that we perceive through the glass and we offer all these systems.

hyundai-realidad-aumentada-07-1440pxhaving Said this, we can think of our windshield becomes a screen rather than continue to be a transparent glass, but nothing could be further from the reality. The augmented reality is based on the use of this crystal is transparent to overlay layers of information that provide data and useful information without altering what we see. This technology was devised as a complement, and hence its immense range of possibilities to take a step beyond the functions of navigation, driving or security.

today we see as they gain in popularity projection systems HUD on the windscreen. This technology is nothing more than the prelude of a greater capacity from the augmented reality. There are many manufacturers that already work with augmented reality systems to offer new and exciting features. One of the most practical examples we showed BMW with its system of advanced navigation where the driver could observe in real time the distance to the preceding vehicle to be alerted to the risk of range, or the possibility of overtaking with safety.

jaguar-360-virtual-urban-windscreen-04But today, if there is a group car that has shown the potential of augmented reality, that is Jaguar-Land Rover. On the basis of a multi-purpose use focused on different types of drivers, and even more different scenarios where it develops the driving, JLR has surprised us with the possibility to show projections to the more pure style of driving simulator in which we follow a ghost car. This projection of a vehicle phantom to follow, well serve us to understand better the browser trying to follow this virtual car, or to Polish our driving style through tutorials where we are required to emulate the trajectories that describes the ghost car.

Jaguar-Land Rover group is car that most is investing in solutions of augmented reality.

As could not be otherwise, detractors of the implementation of augmented reality in cars there are, and is that the integration of a higher level of information can certainly lead to saturation if you don’t set certain conditions for large-scale use. See the world in a new way is synonymous with a change in our way of driving, but it is fair to admit that the augmented reality may be the ultimate solution to avoid the distractions that suffers any driver at the wheel while it is bombarded by multiple systems working at the same time.

bmw-serie-7-2015-186it Is just a matter of time that the car industry of that step which separates the systems HUD most modern of projections complete, based on augmented reality. It is estimated that before 2020 popularicen the augmented reality systems based on the implementation of the systems of communication between cars and infrastructure to deliver verified information and real-time. Will we be better drivers thanks to the augmented reality?

Very possibly, but of what, no doubt, is that this technology will get you let’s look at the world in a more simple way, providing information right where you need it that will be where we are looking. Of all the fields where augmented reality will provide great benefits, the security will be the most important with a windshield able to interact with our companions of the road, and is just at that point where it is understood that this type of technologies are those that bring us closer to the goal of zero accidents.

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