What will you be up to Infiniti in the face to the Geneva motor show?

Infiniti Q60 Hybrid

signature premium Nissan, Infiniti, is completely focused on the update of its range of models. When landed in Europe their models were not very suitable to the tastes of the customers on this side of the Atlantic. Obviously the previous manufacturer’s product range was oriented to the american customers, but with the new models are managing to enthuse buyers from all over the world.

The coupe Q60 has brought to the firm a shake-up, because of their design, technology and sporty character puts him to great height. However, in the leadership of Nissan, they still think that would have a site for a model more prestacional of its Q60. This news would be very well received by enthusiasts of the brand and the world of the engine, however we do not know very well what it is that is plotting the house to the east.

As reported by Infiniti, you are going to present a new concept of hybrid high-performance in the imminent Geneva motor show. According to his words, this mysterious model will be based on the coupe Q60, but we do not know how to adapt the model that we already know to this new iteration.

Frontal Infiniti Q60

With these statements the firm has released a single photo in which you only see the daytime running lights by leds in the model. Nothing more we can guess based on this photo, but the perspective that you have, given to us in the nose that is somewhat higher than the Q60. However, as these images are created to play the ball we will not judge anything until you see it live.

The name of this project would be the Q60 Black S. With him, the firm wants to go directly for one of its rivals more powerful, the BMW M4. To do so would be taking advantage of the technology that the team Renault Formula 1 has developed during these years. If so, the model could incorporate a energy recovery system inherited directly of the category queen of the competition.

This hybrid drive system super-advanced, if you want to convert to the Q60 in a rival care for the M4 should be accompanied by other assistance. The main a bodywork and aerodynamic reviewed that would accommodate elements of active nature and others specific to improve the flow of air circulation.

For more news will have to wait for the Geneva motor show open their doors. Lucky that it is less.

Source – Infiniti

Infiniti Q60
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