What would make sense for a Skoda pick-up derived from the Vision And?

Render de Skoda Vision E hecho pick-up

This time back we have been seeing teasers and sketches launched by Skoda on the Vision E. The Skoda Vision And is the exercise of design of the Czech brand on how will be their future models of SUV and also the future products electrified. Everything seems to indicate that within a few years the majority of new vehicles will be electric, so that manufacturers are investing many resources to develop and advance how they will be the next generations of models.

This design exercise is clearly an SUV. As the segment of the way everything is so on the rise, it is logical that the signature Czech has opted for this type of vehicle for developing the Skoda Vision E. By their 4,69 meters in length, lies in the segment D-SUV. Its passenger compartment can accommodate up to seven occupants, while its drive system develops 306 HP. X-Tomi Design think that this design is also can lead to a model pick-up; and so have imagined.

Skoda Vision E

The specialist renders, has taken one of the press images of the Skoda Vision And published by the firm Czech a few weeks to develop your particular Skoda pick-up in the future. X-Tomi Design has greatly reduced the space of the passenger compartment, leaving a back door much more contained. The third rear of the body is now a box discovered, as in all of pick-up. For the rest, it keeps the overall design of the Vision E.

Maybe you’re wondering about the possibility of a model pick-up based on this Vision E. What is certain is that would not have any logic. The models pick-up have a structure highly enhanced that you do not have any SUV, since they are models intended for circulation for the field but also for the transport very high loads. Yes, Vw has the Amarok, Skoda could use your base to develop your own pick-up.

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