What would you buy the car of reasonable price of Top Gear? The Opel Astra is on sale

Opel Astra coche precio razonable Top GearTop Gear will start shortly a new stage with the new presenter Chris Evans. We do not know how to return this legendary program to the screens, but we can confirm that not only we will miss Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, but also will be missing in this new installment of the famous car for reasonable price in which the famous guests are measured in the circuit. If there will be a new car for reasonable price do not know, but the Opel Astra (Vauxhall Astra really) red the last few seasons is for sale on eBay.

If you want to make yourself with a bit of Top Gear can take home the Opel Astra Top Gear. Is enrolled on the 1 of march of 2013 and has less than 4,700-kilometre, although we already know that has not been the car of any physician, or any lady that used it for the purchase, in the same way that neither was the new BMW brought from Germany for our cousin. The announcement describes in detail the characteristics of this car.

Opel Astra coche precio razonable Top Gearof course, being a british car the steering wheel is on the right. This unit is the manual shifting (there was also one automatic in the program) and account with a engine 1.6 naturally aspirated petrol with 115 horses. Among some prominent elements of the equipment of this Opel Astra we found the air conditioning, although the price of the bid include all of the preparation carried out on the compact to which the famous run insurance for the test track of Top Gear.

there are Only two squares useful, with backets Corbeau Sprint Racing with harnesses of five points. The Opel Astra has a roll cage complete that has led to other modifications, such as the panels of the doors or the suppression of some airbags, such as curtain. Already, the announcement specific that currently the car is not suitable for travelling on a public road and return the car to a state of series could be very expensive.

The proceeds of the bid that is held on eBay will be donated to the foundation BEN, that takes care of those who work or have worked in the automobile industry british, as well as their descendants.

time List of the Opel Astra of reasonable price

Opel Astra coche precio razonable Top Gear

The Opel Astra for a reasonable price is available in Forza Motorsport 5

But the main value for many potential buyers, other than that the car has been one of the stars of Top Gear, is the number of celebrities who have led. These are the famous and their times with the car’s reasonable price.

Time Character
1:44.6 Olly Murs
1:44.7 Nicholas Hoult
1:44.7 Aaron Paul
1:45.1 Brian Johnson
1:45.6 Jimmy Carr
1:46.1 Hugh Jackman
1:46.7 David Haye
1:46.8 Warwick Davis
1:47.1 Margot Robbie
1:47.2 Will Smith
1.47.8 Benedict Cumberbatch
1:48.5 Rachel Riley
1:48.5 Gillian Anderson
1:48.8 Charles Dance
1:48.9 Joss Stone
1:49.2 Kiefer Sutherland (wet)
1:49.4 James Blunt (very wet)
1:49.9 Ron Howard
1:49.9 Tom Hiddleston (very wet)
1:50.1 Hugh Bonneville (wet)
1:51.0 Steven Tyler
1:51.5 Mike Rutherford

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Opel Astra

From 20.700 euro