What would you do if you were to repair your car and you encounter with this?

The image below is the closest thing to a nightmare that could happen to you if one day you get to repair your car and you find it. The owner of this suv, a Harvester Scout, he found that a plague of bees had taken advantage of the hollow space that remains after the body to the height of the wheel arches to form a hive. Apparently the bees were introduced by the holes that the corrosion had been left on the steps of the wheel to start your plan, and create a stamp, as a minimum, terrifying. But do you know tell us what you will do if a few bees have entered your car?

To start is not recommended to confront them and eliminate them without the help of a professional. The risk of being stung is really high. The owner of this video recalls in his entry on Youtube that the bees were separated from the car by using aggressive techniques, and evidently not died in the repair. Which leads us to think about another important aspect of the Spanish legislation.

Even if a few bees have colonized your car, or your house, you don’t have to aniquilarlas. To do so you might even face legal problems serious enough to. In fact certain species of bee are protected by law (see this blog entry From profession… oh, fireman!).

Via: Speed Society
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