What would you pay 2.45 million for a used car? If this is the Mercedes CLK GTR maybe

Mercedes CLK GTR a la ventaWhile the hipercoches of today, such as the Porsche 918 Spyder or the Ferrari LaFerrari resort to the hybridization, not so many years developed and built wild beasts practically unthinkable today, like the Porsche GT or the stunning Mercedes CLK GTR. Precisely the latter, the Mercedes CLK GTR is a showpiece of high standing, and is only manufactured 26 units by the end of the last century and, in addition, his concept is the most radical.

The dealer-German Autohaus SUD GmbH has for sale one of the 26 units produced hipercoche of Stuttgart. As you can imagine, its price is not that of a utilitarian and normal current of the late 90’s, asking for nothing less than 2.45 million euros by this unit. It may seem a high figure, and in truth it is, but the exclusivity and the concept of this vehicle is hard to find, both in the present and in vehicles of occasion.

Mercedes CLK GTR a la venta And what is so special about this Mercedes CLK GTR?, you may be wondering. The 26 units of the Mercedes CLK GTR were produced, at the end of the years 90, with the goal that it could comply with the requirements of the International Federation of motor Racing required manufacturers if they wanted to compete in the FIA GT Championship.” Mercedes complied with this and produced 26 vehicles approved for circulation on public roads that may well be equally giving the size of Le Mans, as their features were those of an authentic racing car.

Your heart is a powerful V12 6.9-liter with no less than 600 hp. That power is sent only to the train later and, even so, you can perform the 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds, which is a brutal to a car of the TWENTIETH century and only traction to the rear wheels. Yes, do not expect, nor comfort, nor electrically adjustable seats, or function massage, or browser. Luckily, Mercedes if equipped with a traction control to improve the security and avoid the 600 hp is desboquen to the slightest hint in the right pedal.

Mercedes CLK GTR a la ventaSource – Carscoops