What would you pay 20,000 dollars for this skateboard floating-272 HP? Something smells chamusquina…

ARK Space Corporation is an aerospace company of Romanian origin, collaborator of the THAT (European Space Agency) and producer of even some components for the ISS. It is a company that from night to morning, has announced the production of a hunter hoverboard, a skateboard floating as the “Back to the Future”. A terrifying and gigantic skateboard 272 HP called Arcaboard that claim to sell the whopping $ 20,000. Although demonstrate how it works, something smells chamusquina in the new Arcaboard.

How does the Arcaboard?

The materials used in its construction do not cost even half of their sale price to the public.

the construction of The Arcaboard is very simple. This is a skateboard floating whose structure is a table, a hollow. A table on which have been mounted 36 high-powered fans, whose vertical thrust total is 195 pounds, and their combined power of a few terrifying 272 HP. A rack of 72 lithium-ion batteries – located in the central compartment of the table – they provide energy to the fans. The invention can be float a few inches of soil during 6 minutes, then it must be charged for 6 hours with a plug conventional.

First decision important. But if you are willing to pay 4,500 dollars more you can purchase the Arcadock, a portable battery that recharges your table without cables in just 35 minutes. The manufacturer says on its website – full of blather and arrogant, comparing your invention in terms of innovation to the bike or the plane – that an electronic module stabilization keeps the invention off all time. From our smartphone, we could even fly the Arcaboard, comfortably and supposedly without risk.

The Arcaboard generates a lot of doubts about its stability. Doubts unforgivable in an invention of $ 20,000.

I Hope you have a sensor that detects when the person gets off the skateboard, so that won’t quit flying up to the stratosphere. This module stabilization can be turned off, and we fly to the invention by tilting our body, on surfaces as much solid as liquid. The Arcaboard would be built around a skeleton of polymer light, covered with a plastic material to protect its integrity and give it a custom finish. The suspicions start when we see the videos that have been published about it.

The founder of the company pilot, with a face of terror accused, and with a feeling of stability null. Why in no time shows its performance stabilized? Not in no time is moving at a speed faster than a few kilometers per hour, so slow that a person would more than walking at a normal rate. Its tip is of 20 km/h, theoretically. The finish seems more simple, and it seems like a construction craft poorly finished off in the planes closest. Almost even makes us doubt of its advanced construction and composite materials.

Its dimensions are considerable: 145 cm long and 76 cm wide. Holds persons up to 110 kg.

Arca Space Corporation calls for the whopping $ 20,000 – forgiveness, 19.990 dollars – by this invention, as far as you can see, a table filled of fans functioning as a little unstable. Reservations and purchase through the internet, without properly demonstrating their handling and with a marketing highly doubtful. Maybe you hope to capture the attention of some rico when you do not mind spending your money on an invention artisanal precarious. I prefer the hunter hoverboard Lexus, I apañaré to build a track magnet.

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