What would you pay 550.000 euros for the Land Rover Defender 2.000.000?

Subasta último Land Rover DefenderYesterday was auctioned off the Land Rover Defender 2.000.000, a unit manufactured in may for celebrities who are ambassadors of the brand Land Rover. The auction took place in London and Bonhams was in charge of directing it, up to 400,000 pounds, some 551.000 € at the current exchange rate, that he was willing to pay a bidder in qatar. Quickly this has become the Land Rover of production most expensive to be sold at auction.

All the benefits will be donated to charities as the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies (IFRC), and Foundation Born Free. The first will allocate the funds to help the nepalese are the most disadvantaged following the disaster, while the second will focus its efforts in Kenya, helping to conserve lions and other wild species.

Land Rover Defender 2 millonesThe Land Rover Defender of 2,000,000 it is a special unit that looks on the outside in satin silver with details such as the roof, mirrors, arches of wheels, the grill or the alloy wheels in high-gloss black. The interior has an elegant leather upholstery with embroidery of the bay of Red Wharf on the that was born the Land Rover original, as well as a commemorative plaque signed by the 33 ambassadors of the brand who participated in making of this unit. Of course, there are anagrams, commemorative of the unit to 2,000,000.

Even the registration of this unit is special in that it looks like the acronym S90 HUE, in allusion to which it is a special unit of the body short of the model (90) and to the registration of the Land Rover original, HUE 166.

Source – Land Rover

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