What would you pay 906.000€ for this prototype of the Tesla Roadster?

Tesla Roadster - Prototipo número 32

Prototype number 32 of the Tesla Roadster. Only were built 33 prototypes.

For those fans of the world of the automobile that have been recently discovered to Tesla Motors and its successful Model S, Model X and Model 3, it is possible that you are unaware that prior to these three models, the manufacturer of electric cars has already produced a small number of units of a beauty convertible. We talked about the Tesla Roadster. It is the first car created and marketed by Tesla. And although now no longer being manufactured or sold, we have to go back to talk about it because it has been put up for sale a unit that is very rare.

In particular, it has appeared on eBay one of the 33 prototypes of the Tesla Roadster which were built in his day, and whose purpose was intended to work marketing as well as to give to know the own Roadster and the new company of Elon Musk who, at that time, did not have the fame that it has today. In addition, it should be noted that the Roadster was basically a Lotus Elise converted by Tesla to be able to be powered by an electric power system pure.

Tesla Roadster was only in production for four years and during that time were manufactured 2.450 units which were sold in more than 30 countries. Today, it is very rare to find a Roadster for sale, much less one of these prototypes that were produced. It is for this reason that its seller, making sure the excellent investment that it brings to any collector, it calls for a whopping one million dollars (906.000 € ).

Tesla Roadster - Prototipo número 32

Is selling on eBay for almost a million euros. Would you be willing to pay for it?

Is on sale through eBay and by the time there is not found a buyer. During all these years that has this prototype of the Tesla Roadster has only travelled 29,000 km and as specified by the vendor, with certain details that are not found in the Tesla Roadster production as a lever of exclusive design.

also Includes the original parts of the roof, as well as the portable charger and the wall of 240V. In one of the pictures the seller has posted in the eBay listing you can see the frame number (5YJRE11B181V00032), which confirms that it is one of the 33 manufactured by the company.

After being left to manufacture in the year 2011, has been talking about the possibility of that in the plans of Elon Musk is to launch a second generation of this model or a direct successor. The latest information on the return of the Tesla Roadster they speak of a launch before the year 2020. A model that would be mounted on the platform of Tesla and that it would be more lightweight and prestacional. For the moment little more can advance on the new Roadster. We will have to keep waiting.