What would you pay more than € 12,000 by this thumbnail in the McLaren P1?


The thumbnails of the McLaren P1 has a price from 15 dollars up to more than 12,000 eruos

If you are a lover of sports insurance that the McLaren P1 will have fallen in love with for a long time now. The limited production of the sports (375 units) already ended, and although many of us usually can’t permitírnoslo, this christmas, we have the opportunity of owning one, and even several at the same time. I’m not talking about buying the sports in the second-hand market, but to get some of these miniatures officers.

From 15 dollars up to more than 12,000 euros

McLaren puts at our disposal a great deal of P1’s in thumbnail for all tastes and prices, 15 dollars price of a toy car Hot Wheels to a miniature made by hand with all luxury of details that cost more than a spec of truth. How far it is your fascination for the supercar hybrid?

Amargam Fine Model Cars is in charge of the miniature more unique to the McLaren P1 for a price of £ 8,000, more than 12,000 euros. This is a model of manufacturing purely handmade that prints all the forms of the sport to a size of 595 mm long with a level of accuracy below 0,1 mm.


The level of detail of this miniature craft is just as amazing as their price

The work is a work of art, which is worth its price in gold that may possibly be acquired by lovers, more wealthy, or owners of the sports. This miniature can only be achieved by custom and allows you to customize it as if it was a P1 of truth be.

going Down a little the ribbon, you will find miniatures 1:43 scale from several manufacturers that will allow us to possess the sport at various stages of his life as the prototype that has visited the Nürburgring, the P1 covered in camouflage as when we saw in our spy photos, the Jenson Button drove at Goodwood and a long etcetera.

For the more handyman, McLaren gives the image of P1 to LEGO so we can build the sports of our dreams with our own hands. For the competitive, Scalextric also have this model in the form of a drive slot in the eye-catching tones Volcano Yellow and Volcano Orange. On the other hand Maisto offer the exotic vehicle to radio control scale 1:14 with headlamps functional front and back.


we may Even be able to get hold of a miniature of the sporty in its testing phase