What would you prefer, a scale model of a McLaren P1 or a Citroën C3 new?

Maquetas de calidad McLaren P1Stupid question, I already know. But to those who collect scale models of cars we ever been told why we have not spent the same money on a real car. Well, now you have your chance, you can get a whole McLaren P1 at a scale of 1:8 for about 12,000 euros. That is to say, you can buy it or to pass by a dealer-Citroën, and take a C3 again.

McLaren has released a line of models for give away this christmas, among which is this model maker Amalgam Fine Model Cars. It is a P1 at a scale of 1:8, so that is great, and allows you to include a multitude of details. Since then, which is expensive, about 12,000 euros to the change, but is not deprived of all luxury of details.

Maquetas de calidad McLaren P1To give you an idea, it is a production completely handmade, that requires custom. All the details are reproduced in the exterior and in the interior. In fact, we can personalize it to your taste, and the manufacturer has managed to replicate elements of so curious and complicated these scales as the upholstery.

If you have preferred to buy the C3, then you may just want to spend a few 15 euros in a scale model 1:43 Hot Wheels with enough quality and a more favourable relationship. If you are, not in vain, a hardcore user then for sure you are interested in the models of Minichamps, True Scale, Tecnomodel or AutoArt. Are more elaborate, more expensive, but in the same scale played important role models within McLaren as the own prototype P1 before being released.

Maquetas de calidad McLaren P1

LEGO also has a corner in this space, because McLaren has licensed its McLaren P1 to enter in the range, Speed Champions, so that we can build a model this way as well. Scalextric is another of those affected by this flood of models from McLaren, offering a P1 for the tracks rails.