What would you think if you saw a giant head of Jeremy Clarkson on the road?

Estatua de Jeremy Clarkson

Surely you all know Jeremy Clarkson. For many years he has been at the helm of the program of the engine the world’s most famous Top Gear; but several months ago “the mess” when delivering a punch to one of the program assistants. A fact which soon became known all over the world and that a few days later would cost him his job. The other two presenters, James May and Richard Hammond decided to also get out of the program.

later, the famous trio that so many moments had passed along in the program, the BBC announced that would continue to do mischief in another program similar under the tutelage of the Amazon; the name of the program would be The Grand Tour. Have already been issued the first chapters of the new adventure of Clarkson, May and Hammond, they basically follow the same line as his exploits on Top Gear, but using a main stage portable.

Estatua de Jeremy Clarkson

The Grand Tour is still a program very seen and also very publicized. In fact, the head you see in the pictures (yes, to us it also gives us a certain fear) seems to be part of a statue that, or it will appear in any of the future chapters of The Grand Tour, or will be installed at some strategic point with good visibility. It would also be possible that it is installed in the headquarters of Amazon in Seattle.

In the images we can see that this truck carries, in addition to the head of Clarkson exposed, large boxes that seem to be the rest of the body of the famous british, because we can read words such as forearm or crotch, in English, and the name of Jeremy.

Hours after that a multitude of people to share the photos on social networks, the Twitter profile of the programme was a little light on the giant sculpture, showing images of planes in which it appeared both the statue of Clarkson as of May and Hammond.

Source – Carscoops