What you missed it? 5 technologies to mind-bending of the Volkswagen Group that you will probably see at dealerships 2016

Hybrid, electric, fuel cell, etc., etc. The automobile industry reminds us time and again that the combustion engine has an expiration date. And in the same way we perceive a fact, that the process of advancing electric car technology and so promising, a priori, as the hydrogen (fuel battery) is slower than many analysts had predicted for years. The combustion engine will remain the clear frontrunner of the industry for many years and to the manufacturers a new challenge, to further improve the performance, the performance and the efficiency of heat engines. For this reason we have set our goal in the technology that the Volkswagen Group will launch very soon, in the next few months. Technologies such as turbo-electric, gasoline engines that will work and consume like a diesel, changes DSG 10 relationships, systems, Start&Stop that will stop the engine running to save fuel, etc., etc. These are the 5 most important news and expected from the Volkswagen Group that very soon you’ll see in dealerships.

1. DSG 10 speed. Are you going crazy manufacturers with so many gears in their automatic changes? Maybe. The search of the maximum efficiency or, better said, a more favorable treatment in the approval of consumption, is driving manufacturers to launch automatic changes with more and more relations change. Volkswagen has promised the launch of a change DSG with 10 relationships, which, to a certain extent, it may make sense, especially in a transmission in which the time delay between gears is greatly reduced. The question that we have is the following: what will contribute to further involve the driver in the driving? or do the opposite? A lot of us fear that’s what would happen second.

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2. Turbos-electric. You will not be the slightest doubt that the introduction of the turbo electric will represent a genuine revolution, especially for the diesel. Since I had a few months ago, when we had the opportunity to put ourselves at the controls of the different prototypes of Audi equipped with this technology. At that time, Audi had vehicles very powerful, with diesel engines of six cylinders. But the fact of tasting different engines with multiple turbos and an electric compressor, already provided us with the opportunity to think about how this technology, which not only promises efficiency but a power delivery that is immediate, with virtually no lag, could completely transform the performance of smaller engines, as the diesel four-cylinder.

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3. Stop-Start 2.0, turn off the engine to cruise speed. Another of the promises of Volkswagen, that we will see very soon in the dealers, it will be the premiere of a system of start and stop of engine stop of the latter, not only at our stops at the traffic lights, but also when we drive at cruise speed. Can you imagine travelling at 120 km/h and the engine stops to not consume fuel? It is precisely what you are looking for Volkswagen. The system wants to take maximum advantage of the inertia of the car on slight inclines or even in the plain, and the situations in which the car can maintain its speed without consuming a drop of fuel. Hitherto they had employed solutions such as disengage automatically the transmission (with changes of type DSG and PDK), or even cylinder deactivation. The next step will be for the complete disconnection of the engine, which according to Volkswagen will be smooth, transparent and, above all, safe.

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4. Engine four-cylinder Porsche. The downsizing comes to Porsche. Although we come talking about the topic for years, everything points to the arrival or – better said – the return of petrol engines and four-cylinder Porsche is imminent. We’ll know very soon, beginning with their smaller sporting, the Cayman and Boxster, although not ruling out their introduction on the flagship of the brand, the Porsche 911. Will be small, compact, and yet very powerful, thanks to the fact that all of them will be supercharged, it will have turbo. What a disappointment? Or a lot less. We are eager to see what surprise he has prepared for Porsche to do that with these engines don’t take less six cylinders. Let us remember that these engines, even with four cylinders, will still be of type boxer. In any case, I am convinced that it will not take in to recall with nostalgia how well that went, how well that would go, the engine bóxer of six cylinders atmospheric.

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5. gasoline Engines working (and consuming) such as a diesel. Although his obsession with the turbo, or the hybridization, we can lead them to think otherwise, manufacturers continue to work toward a very clear goal, to dominate the combustion. One of the great horses of battle will be the compression ignition and load, a gasoline engine in which the ignition occurs by compression of the mixture, so that the energy saving due to loss of pumping would be notable, as well as burn cleaner, with less waste, in the form of a solid particle and gas as harmful as the NOx. Volkswagen would be working on it, although it would not be the only ones (see advancing technologies SKYACTIV 2 and 3 Mazda). Recall that Volkswagen has been working on these technologies for at least a decade (our colleagues KM77 already knew a prototype with this technology in 2007). The objective of Volkswagen to with these motors would be to achieve the mechanical gasoline with a performance and a consumption even better than that offered by a diesel.

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