What you missed it? Blessed technology: how Trucks clear? A great idea that is worth exploring

few days Ago I wrote a friend comentándome that he had seen a video really funny. The trucks transparent, following the letter of the definition, do not exist, but the possibility that the driver follows a truck, you can see beyond. This is not the first time that we see something similar. And the solution is relatively simple, even economic in these times, in which the square inch of LED display is becoming more and more inexpensive and the contribution to road safety can be sufficiently important as to study its feasibility, there is no madness. have you Ever wanted to see what happens behind that huge trailer, see if cars coming from the front without having to exceed slightly the line that separates two lanes? here is a possible solution.

is Not the first time that we see similar ideas, and we like that. The concept is based on a camera and a large screen on the tailgate of the trailer.

The secondary roads are the most lives are charged. It is generally joined by several factors, starting with a roadway of two lanes of traffic and vehicles circulating at high speed in different directions. One of the maneuvers more risky, without a doubt, is that of the overtaking. Maneuvers whose risk increases when the vehicle is moving forward is of great tonnage, for example a trailer, by its length and by the obstacle to the visibility implied by its flashy trailer.

The solution of to install a large screen in the tailgate of a trailer, that displays the images captured by a camera in the front, is brilliant. That screen will continue to demand the driver the usual precautions, calculate distances, make sure that no other car circulates in the opposite direction and be aware of the features of your vehicle to avoid scares on full advancement. This idea, in the end, there would be a revolution in saving lives, but, of course, would help, and much, to achieve that end.

unfortunately, we do not have a solution that is to be implemented soon. In fact it is an advertising campaign from agency Leo Burnett for Samsung in Argentina. A campaign that has focused its attention on the safety of the secondary roads prevalent in the country. A campaign that aims to “save lives”, “in time of change”, in a country where, according to the video itself dies one person each time in a traffic accident.

what do you, what do you think about this technology?

Source: Leo Burnett | Via: Jalopnik
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