What you missed it? Did you even know this car? BMW 767iL: the day that BMW developed a Series 7 of 16 cylinders!

how Can dreams become reality? A response question is very ambiguous, but absolutely in the affirmative for Dr. Karlhienz Lange, Adolf Fischer and Hanns-Peter Weisbarth. These three germans were high-ranking officials of BMW since the mid-70’s until the 90’s. Fischer came up with new products, while Lange was one of the top people in charge of engine development. For its part, Weisbarth was in charge of the projects of the 7-Series E32 and Number 8 E31.

A good day they decided to meet to study the possibilities of propellant M70, a 12-cylinder five-liter displacement and 300 HP of power. Somehow, Lange wanted to create a 7-Series breaker, his idea was an engine of 16 cylinders in vee. In just six months, on christmas Eve of 1987, a 6.7 V16 was passing the various tests on a dynamometer, in the most absolute secret was born in 767iL. To place it in the engine bay of the Series 7 were carried out major modifications on the sedan.

BMW 767iL, 16 cilindros para un Serie 7 Ășnico

Because the engine was 30 centimetres longer than the M70 on which it was based, there was no space for cooling systems. Although he wanted to maintain the spirit of a production vehicle it was necessary to locate the radiators in the trunk, to feed them air created a few large inputs in the rear fins. The excess air is expelled through a grid located in the tailgate. An ingenious solution which gives this timepiece a unique look certainly curious.

otherwise everything remains series, a layman would not be aware that this is a car very special. Other changes included a front suspension modified and an electronic control unit Bosch DME who drove the engine as if two eight-cylinder in-line it were. The developed power set grew from the 300 HP in the 750i up to an impressive 408 horsepower at 5,200 rpm, numbers similar to the current 750i. The maximum torque is 625 Nm at only 3.900 rpm.

BMW 767iL, 16 cilindros para un Serie 7 ĂșnicoCoupled to the gearbox of six relations of a Series 8, the 767iL accelerated up to 100 km/h in 6.0 seconds and achieved a top speed of 280 km/h. In the consumption of fuel was its Achilles heel, although at 120 km/h was formed with about 12 l/100 km in the city came to the 17 litres. At a cruising speed of 200 km/h, designed for the Autobahn in germany, we talk about about 20 l/100 km. The figures are quite poor, but it is that we are not speaking of precisely a hybrid.

, it is Not surprising that the car fail to occur in series, the company did not give the okay since it was very expensive to produce and to renounce to basic aspects, such as the trunk. The drive of the image has more than 20 years and with a tune you could return to work with no problems. It’s a shame that projects like these will not see the light of day, but it would be a worth even higher than not the we know.

Among others BMW they that have not seen the light of day are the M5 E34 Convertible M5 E39 Touring or the M8, based on the 8 Series, that some day you will tell your story.

BMW 767iL

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