What you missed it? Get your hand of the shift lever! So you can damage your car with this bad habit

you Can seem to be a habit somewhat absurd, but it is more common than we think. I remember those days when I was learning to drive, or better said, preparing to get the driving permit and learning the basic rules for me to deem a driver unfit to drive in society. In those days, the driving school instructor reminded me that after shifting gears, my right hand always had to go back to the steering wheel. we must not hold the shifter, that’s not going to move, or let the dead hand on the knob. For two reasons: safety and to preserve the integrity of the mechanics of our car.

The hand on the shift lever is not only a bad habit that damages your car, but also a vice not recommended for security reasons.

When the professor of my driving school was trying to correct me, I was also trying to prevent a bad habit. For security reasons always, and I repeat always, we should take with the two hands on the wheel. That means that we just need to move the right-hand side of your site to change gear, in the event that we use a car with manual transmission, or a sequence that requires such a thing. Sometimes it is necessary to move a hand off the steering wheel, for example to adjust the climate control, or entertainment team, if we don’t have a multifunction steering wheel and/or controls satellites. We must not stop supporting the right arm in a leg, nor travel with the left hand through the window, emulating that old ad BMW, “do You like driving?”.

We have to always be prepared for any occurrence, to perform any manoeuvre safely and accurately, and to do so needed two hands on the wheel.


Any hit on the gear lever, for trivial it may seem, can cause a fault. Support the hand generates a premature wear and looseness that with the time can take our car to the workshop.

But let us return to the crux of the matter, why can it damage your car to support the hand on the knob of the manual change?

gear lever is an element that keeps a mechanical connection to the transmission. Any pressure that we do on it, you’ll end up passed inexorably to the existing connections. Such time will not cause an immediate malfunction, but yes we will be generating a premature wear in the elements that broker, in gears and bearings. Clearances that may ultimately lead us to the workshop, get costing us introduce a motion, or even that this is out of your site. Those of you who have driven old cars with this problem already know how uncomfortable it is to drive a vehicle in which a gear is jammed or out of place.

Also we have to be very careful with the gear lever, does not hit it or stand on it, for example when we are cleaning the car, or avoid jumping from the cab to the passenger without getting out of the car. I assure you that I know of cases of cars with very few miles that ended up in the workshop with a breakdown of gearbox for a maneuver as absurd as this.

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