What you missed it? Prototype classic: Avus quattro (1991) why Audi was also able to have your Veyron

At the end of the years 90 the group Volkswagen AG is made with the rights to the Bugatti name and planned his comeback for everything high with the that would be the street sports car faster on the face of the Earth. But, did you know that in those years Bentley was also able to have your Veyron? and what is even more interesting, did you know that Audi already worked in 1991 in a supercar of similar characteristics (saving the distances) the Bugatti Veyron? What better time than this, in that he is talking about the possibility of an Audi supercar, hybrid and diesel, to remember this curious story.

1991 Audi we had several prototypes that adelantarían what would happen fifteen years later, the launch of the Audi R8. The first we already spoke about a long time ago, the Audi Quattro Spyder. But the truly interesting was the Audi Avus quattro, an impressive machine that is futuristic with aluminum body and a central engine W12 of 509 BHP of power that allowed him to do the 0 to 100 km/h in less than three seconds and exceed 340 km/h of top speed.

Audi Avus quattro

Would have been one of the sports fastest of his era, at the height of the own McLaren F1.

Your name AVUS, a tribute more to the historic circuit-berlin composed by two immense lines of over two kilometres, and two curves. What name would be more appropriate than a circuit with straights long enough to reach the maximum speed that it can offer a sporty?

have been followed forward in your purpose, Audi could have put in the street one of the sport’s most rapid of the time, able to measure you with one of the icons and game-records most important of the 90’s, the McLaren F1. The technique ran in charge of a block of 6.0 liters and twelve cylinders in three banks of four cylinders each, with 509 HP of power in total, partners – missing more – the system of all-wheel drive quattro and a manual change of six relations.

Audi Avus quattro

Bugatti would win the supercar more powerful and faster of the group, and virtually all have been built to date, to celebrate a triumphant return under the leadership of Volkswagen AG.

The Audi Avus quattro had all the ballots to become a sports cult, design breakthrough, doors, scissors and a finish of aluminum body polishing and buffing, as a tribute to the classic arrows, silver Auto Union in the 30’s.

the rest of the story already know it. Or the Bentley Hunaudières or the Audi Avus quattro would get to the dealers and the charge of becoming the tip of the spear of the technology of the German group, it would be the Bugatti 16.4 Veyron, which even today remains one of the sports fastest ever built – and gives us the impression that for a long time and will continue to be -.

Source: Audi
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