What you missed it? School R from Volkswagen, Photo to Photo: driving experience within the reach of all

David Clavero ( @ClaveroD )

Today we immerse ourselves in the School R for Volkswagen, one of the driving courses developed by the Volkswagen Driving Experience that combines training, adrenaline and an attractive financial offer to enjoy learning how you guide Us?

School R Volkswagen today invites us to the Ascari circuit in Ronda (Malaga), to live first-hand a day in which we will go fully into the skin of the wizards seeking to improve their skills behind the wheel. The philosophy of the School R from Volkswagen is as simple as attractive, because its goal is to provide a training package to clients, or no clients, but on the basis of a concept of learning and evolution that speaks of fun and cheap rates adjusted.

today is intense with different circuits and abilities to be developed with the Volkswagen Golf R and Volkswagen Scirocco R as the protagonists. At all times we will be cared for by professional pilots, a sort of guardian angels that help us learn and improve in every subway route, but also get you the passes really well, squeezing out up to 300 HP you’ll have under your right foot.

The course that we enjoy today (Advance R) from 180 euros for customers of the brand, or 230 euros for non-customers. This course consists of one day of theoretical training and practice, being the most complete and longest-lasting that you can choose. However, there is also the possibility of opting for an experience more economic (Intensive R), from 150 euros to customers and € 180 for non-customers, which corresponds to a formation more limited and with only half a day in duration.

It’s time to get going, and our master of ceremonies, could not be better, Luis Moya, who remains linked to Volkswagen and whose anecdotes and advice do not but another thing to improve the already interesting programme.

The briefing that we receive is very important to understand the course that we are going to make. Starting by knowing the path, and the skills that we will put to the test, a series of videos and explanations to help us understand the theory that after you will touch to put into practice.

After the briefing we went to the test of analysis, where an instructor will accompany us on a fast lap to assess our style of driving. Position of the steering wheel, use of hands and how and where to look will be the most important criteria that our instructor will check to see what we need to improve.

The available machines are real sleepers. The Volkswagen Scirocco R is presented as an option more fun by making a point. We are talking about a front wheel drive engine 2.0 TSI 280 HP and automatic change DSG.

The other frame that we will be able to enjoy will be the Volkswagen Golf R, a version more civilized, and technological benefits. Its engine 2.0 TSI reaches 300 HP and install the same DSG, but for this occasion we resort to an effective system of all-wheel drive 4Motion with differential Haldex to provide a step-by-curve exceptional.

With the cars protagonists learned, it is turn to pass the field tests to improve our skills behind the wheel. We begin by a section of twists very closed and linked, polishing our game of hands.

to Anticipate the turn to fasten correctly to the steering wheel is the best tool in security. Focusing our vision beyond the first few meters and placing correctly the hands to try to keep the posture of “two minus ten” or “three quarter” for the maximum time possible.

The following test is emergency braking, a test is vital in order to maintain control of the vehicle and understand how to operate the safety systems ABS or ESP to reduce to the maximum the braking distance.

As can be seen by the color of the disc brake of this Volkswagen Polo GTI, to sink the brake pedal to more than 100 Km/h is a hard work to all the team at brakes, but its capacity depends on the end result of this maneuver.

Now’s the time to change brake technique, practicing braking down which is opposite to the technique of braking progressive that we use in day-to-day. The brake down is to apply a great braking force at the beginning, without blocking, to relieve the pedal gradually and maintain control over the direction.

The next test of the School, R is the how to Mickey Mouse? Yes, a nickname perfect for a circuit very buzzard and small full of water. Here what matters is our ability to advance, because when the grip is insufficient, it is extremely important to understand how they influence the changes of support, the inertia and the time to develop changes of direction.

With the four field trials overcome, the team of the school R invites us to apply everything learned in the entire path of the Ascari circuit. With the possibility of trying to fund the Golf and Scirocco R, it’s time to bring out the best of us and try to improve lap after lap.

The best of this whole experience is that at all times accounts with technical support, both at the mechanistic level so that everything is 100%, as to level of training with the instructors helping to hone the techniques that can make you faster here, but that can save you from more of a fright in real life when you stay away from any road.

To show that the rate tax is high, there is nothing better that take a look at the smoke given off by these brakes. The smell of gasoline, brakes, and tires perfumed the whole atmosphere.

Inevitably reaches the end of the day. It was time that we all wanted to avoid, but the School R Volkswagen says goodbye to the Ascari circuit after a day in which even the most skilled driver recognizes to have learned and evolved. Do next appointment? Volkswagen Driving Experience you already have open the bookings for the 29th of November, date in which will take place a new edition of the School R in the circuit of Montmeló