What you missed it? So sounds like the result of putting together two engines of Kawasaki Ninja in a Subaru BRZ

JUN Auto Mechanic, Japan, to a side of the ring. Synergy Power, New Zealand, on the other side. The japanese are specialists in the preparations of competition and mechanical modifications of high performance. New zealanders specialize in the construction of high-performance motors. His latest creation is a 2.4 V8 composed of two four-cylinder engines from a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12. The Synergy 2.4 V8 has done under the hood of a Subaru BRZ JUN. The glorious result is what some already call the hachiroku final. And their sound is just as glorious, so you’re going to have to turn up the volume of the speakers.

Come curves.

Much more than a preparation

Is this the best preparation that we have seen on the basis of the couple’s Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86? Possibly.

Although it may seem like a simple job, we speak not of a conventional preparation. We talked practically from another car, more powerful, more rapid, more pure. A large part of work comes from the propellant. The companions of the antipodes merged two tetracilíndricos of a 1.2-litre from a motorbike – with its corresponding regime of rotation, and compact size – in a only V8 of 2.4 litres. This engine shares a single crankshaft and flat-plane, of course, that has been machined from scratch. The pistons are forged, the valve train has been reinforced and has created an escape entirely handmade, with intricate shapes and curves.

Eight throttle bodies, with eight trumpets of admission held in a box of carbon fiber is what we find when you open the hood, coupled to a motor, amazingly compact, and 30 kg lighter than the 2.0 boxer source that improves the weight distribution of the hachiroku. Their combined power is nothing less than 367 HP at 10.690 rpm, with a maximum torque of 268 Nm at 7.970 rpm. Coupled to the gearbox factory BRZ – through an adapter-ad-hoc – there was that changing the level of fuel in the rear differential: you didn’t want to get to 240 km/h in third, but low gears and a strong acceleration in circuit.

limited-slip Differential, a of the improvements on the undercarriage of the car, next to a braking equipment is Endless with six-piston calipers on the front axle sport suspension and Zeal. The beautiful 19-inch alloy wheels signed by Advan Racing wear tires Yokohama Advan A050 in steps 265/35R18. Bacquéts, a roll cage and a suppression of the sound team try to limit the weight, although this Subaru BRZ remains legal for the roads. As an interesting detail, it has been used as the basis for a Subaru BRZ RA: finishing most basic – only available in Japan – and that just includes equipment, not even alloy wheels.

A finish that has projects like this in mind. And the result is a sporty thoroughbred whose sound reminds two Ninja angry coming at you, with a red line of 13,000 rpm and a margin of use is impressive. The guys at Speedhunters have made a report of the first level of the JUN Auto Works Synergy V8, not you should lose. We are baptized because as the Subaru BRZ perfect.

Source: Jalopnik
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