What you missed it? The 5 Volkswagen Golf most insane, powerful and fast that Volkswagen did not dare to sell (yet)

how far are you going to get, Volkswagen? In the past few years, Wolfsburg we have been delighted with some of the creations most crazy, powerful and fast of the Volkswagen Golf. The fact that at the Wörthersee this year might see the prototype GTE Sport, with 400 HP, it is almost a story if we compare it with the prototypes that precede it. Engines for all tastes, of all colors. Hybrid engines, W12, V6, turbos, and up to 650 HP of power. Benefits that would blush at some of the supercars. Volkswagen Golf with muscle, with a radical look, engines, power plants, homeless, pose sculpture. Do you remember the Golf GTI W12 of 650 HP 2007? Do you remember the Design Vision GTI 2013? And what of the Golf GTI Roadster 2014? We talk about all of them in this review 5 Volkswagen Golf more crazy and rapid that Volkswagen has ever dared to take to the dealers.

Golf GTI W12 (2007): 650 HP of power and mid-engine rear. Does anyone give more?

1. Volkswagen Golf GTI W12. What are the engines W you love Volkswagen?, it is what is recently asked my partner David Clavero. Much like in Volkswagen, which in 2007 decided to equip a Volkswagen Golf with this engine. It was the prototype Volkswagen Golf GTI W12-650, was presented at the Wörthersee this year, and he was a beast with the heart of a Bentley Continental GT 650 HP of power and a 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. Among other follies, it had no rear seats, it had a configuration two-seater to accommodate this huge engine in rear center position, and used roof of carbon fiber and a kit of exterior and aerodynamic of the most beast. I recognise that it is one of my favorites.

More information: Volkswagen Golf V GTI W12 Concept


Golf R 400 (2014) could be a reality very soon.

2. Volkswagen Golf R 400 Concept. Probably the most “light” of this collection, but not any less interesting. In 2014 we had a Volkswagen Golf R is prepared, with a body kit more radical and 400 HP of power distributed on four wheels. Is beast, sporty, aggressive, but realistic. Precisely therein lies all its interest. Needless to that I say that the odds of that let’s look at a Golf R even more powerful and radical, based on this prototype, are really high.

More information: Volkswagen Golf R 400 Concept: an extra dose of sportiness with 400 HP under the hood


Golf GTI Roadster (2014) is an eccentricity created for Gran Turismo 6.

3. Volkswagen Golf GTI Roadster. The most difficult one yet. In 2014 we spoke to a prototype so beast and radical as a Golf course transformed into a supercar with the spirit of a roadster. Without a roof and with a body kit that made their genes Golf were virtually unrecognizable, enjoyed a motor V6 TSI 3.0-liter twin-turbo 503 HP of power. Serving as intermediaries, a system 4MOTION and a differential HALDEX and change DSG of 7 relationships.

More information: Volkswagen GTI Roadster Concept: GTI to the nth power


initially Designed for Gran Turismo, the Design Vision GTI would see the light at the Wörthersee.

4. Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI. Following that philosophy, this escalation of power, in 2013, the lake Wörthersee also was a witness of the presentation of a Volkswagen Golf GTI very radical, shorter, reduced 57 mm, 71 mm wider, with an engine 3.0 V6 TSI with two turbos sequential to achieve the 496 horsepower and a performance of scandal: 300 km/h of tip and 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

More information: Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI: the Kaiser of the GTI


The big surprise of this year at the Wörthersee, the Golf GTE Sport, GTI hybrid with 400 HP of power.

5. Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept. Has been the big surprise of this year at the Wörthersee, again an unrecognizable Volkswagen Golf loaded with technology and power. My partner Pepe had the luck to ride in it and tell you their impressions (see impressions in direct Golf GTE Sport). As at other times, and some years have passed since such prototypes as those V6 and W12, in this case the GTE Sport uses a mechanically very different, but no less spectacular. We speak of a compact 1.6 TSI supercharged until you get to the 299 HP, combined with two engines, electric and lithium-ion batteries to reach 400 BHP of power. Do you still doubt that the future of the GTI, and of the sport, is a hybrid?

More information: Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport concept: the GTI the future is hybrid and has 400 horses