What you missed it? The new Renault Scénic is already here! And this is all you need to know about him

Renault Scénic is a minivan that has just been renewed completely, with an update that not only involves a new aesthetic, but the creation of a completely new model, and a new philosophy with which to assert the importance of the minivan in front of the segment of fashion, the SUV. Recall that the Scénic is one of the minivans to compact more popular in Europe, and also in Spain. See the 4 keys on the new Renault Scénic 2016.

The 4 keys of the Renault Scénic 2016, a minivan with the spirit of a SUV.

The new Renault Scénic has advocated for an aesthetic that’s closer to the philosophy of the SUV, which, until recently, we understood as a minivan. The clearest proof of this is a design of high waist, a-line glass high, with protections of plastic in the bass, and with some 20″ wheels as standard across the range (more information in our article on the 20″ wheels of the Renault Scénic 2016).

the aesthetics of The new Renault Scénic, in fact, is very similar to the Renault Capture, with a rounded design, a front with a large diamond chrome plating, the emblem of Renault, and a finish duotone body to delimit well the roof line. See video of the Renault Scénic 2016.


The range of engines of Renault Scénic will be built around two engines Tec 115 and 130 HP, with manual gearbox, and a total of six combinations with a diesel engine, among which there will be a site for the dCi 95 HP, 110 HP (manual and automatic), 130 HP, 160 HP (with dual clutch), and even a model with assistance hybrid. More information about the engines of new Renault Scénic.

Renault Scénic Hybrid Assist will come to the end of the year and it will be a hybrid, diesel, and manual transmission. Renault has resorted to a different solution to that used by manufacturers such as Toyota and its Prius, or even to one used by his countrymen from Citroën and Peugeot. This is a hybrid role that will play the electric motor will be secondary, compared to a diesel engine of 110 HP. Will have a battery that is very compact, and the installation of 48 volts.

we do not Yet know the exact figures, consumption and emissions of this hybrid. More information about the Renault Scénic Hybrid Assist to 2017.

renault-scenic-2016-03The Renault Scénic also released a lot of technology, with its vertical display on the dashboard, 8.7″, mode tablet. You’ll also get Head-Up Display, adaptive cruise control, emergency braking automatic pedestrian detection, parking camera, wi-automatic projector beam headlights, etc.

The base of this minivan, this Renault Scénic, is the so-called Common Module Family (CMF). It is a common platform of the alliance Renault-Nissan, which is shared by models as disparate as the Scénic and the Nissan Qashqai.

renault-scenic-2016-06 history of the Renault Scénic dates back 25 years ago, when Renault presented a first prototype progressed a futuristic model, with a lot of space, and a lot of glass area. More information about the Renault Scénic Concept of 1991.

rivals of the Renault Scénic, mpvs compact more sold in Spain, are – in order of importance – the Citroën C4 Picasso, the Peugeot 3008, Ford C-MAX and the KIA Carens.

Questions and answers on the new Renault Scénic

why is equipped with series 20″wheels?
Renault puts forward the functional nature of these tires, and also their contribution to improving the dynamics of the car. Nor can we forget how important they are in aesthetic terms. More information in our article on the 20″ wheels of the Renault Scénic 2016.

Is it true that it is sold with a hybrid engine?
The hybrid version will arrive by the end of 2016. It will be diesel, with manual gearbox, and will include a diesel engine 110 BHP assisted by an electric motor. More information about the Renault Scénic Hybrid Assist to 2017.


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