What you missed it? The new Volkswagen Tiguan to arrive at the dealers

Volkswagen Tiguan is the todocamino of reference of Volkswagen, is compact in size, and in line with the segment of fashion these days, the SUV. The Volkswagen Tiguan has been fully renovated in 2016, with a generational change that is something more than a start to the day. The new Tiguan will take advantage of the modular platform of Volkswagen, the same as that used by the Volkswagen Golf, betting on some proportions more stylized, being longer, wider, and lower, than its predecessor.

The 6 keys of the Volkswagen Tiguan 2016: more spacious, and more premium!

Among the rivals of the Volkswagen Tiguan we find the most sold in the market in its category, the Nissan Qashqai, the Hyundai Tucson and the KIA Sportage. This year also incorporates a model that, to some extent, we might regard it as his first cousin. The SEAT Ateca will share a multitude of elements with the Tiguan, as well as their approach to todocamino of compact dimensions. See our comparative 8 images between SEAT Ateca and Volkswagen Tiguan.

new Volkswagen Tiguan bet for a grille with character, wider, as an extension of the headlights. To a certain extent we could consider it as a Volkswagen Touareg in miniature. With 4,48 meters long, the new Tiguan has grown a few centimeters in length and in width, but its height has been reduced, and has improved its aerodynamics. He has also lost 50 kg over its predecessor. More information on our in-depth Volkswagen Tiguan 2016.

volkswagen-tiguan-2016-42The Volkswagen Tiguan will be launched with diesel and petrol engines, between 115 and 240 horsepower, front-wheel drive and total, 4MOTION, manual switch and automatic DSG.

The engines of the Volkswagen Tiguan

The range of diesel engines of the Volkswagen Tiguan starts with a 2.0 TDI 150 CV of power, that later will grow with a diesel of 115 HP, a diesel 190 HP, and a diesel twin-turbo 240 HP of power.

The range of petrol engines of the Volkswagen Tiguan will be completed with a 2.0 TSI 180 HP, and later will join the TSI from 125 HP, 150 HP, and 220 HP of power.

Although time has not officially announced its launch, we know that there will be a hybrid version and a plug-in, the Volkswagen Tiguan GTE. Volkswagen has already presented a prototype that we anticipate its appearance and its technology, the Volkswagen Golf GTE Concept, which combined an engine 1.4 TSI with an electric motor integrated to obtain 218 HP of power and an electric range of 50 kilometres.

volkswagen-tiguan-2016-33board, the Volkswagen Tiguan has also improved significantly. We find ourselves with quality finishes, and an increased equipment, with a team of entertainment based on a touch screen available in 5″ and 8″.

The Volkswagen Tiguan is also home to the new digital instrumentation of the mark, as released by the Passat, the Active Info Display, as well as the head-up display and system of emergency braking automatic in the city, the City Emergency Braking.

In terms of practicality, the Volkswagen Tiguan has a load space that has grown to 615 litres (+145 liters with respect to its precedesor) and up to 1.655 litres if you folded down the rear seatbacks.


A Volkswagen Tiguan 7-seater

Another of the most important novelties of this model will be the arrival of a Volkswagen Tiguan 7-seater. This model, which is very focused on the needs of the client of the united States, will arrive at dealerships in 2017. To provide two additional seats, this Tiguan will increase your length and battle, although it will continue using the modular platform MQB. More information about the Volkswagen Tiguan 7-seater.

Since the introduction of this latest generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan we have also seen prototypes that were intended to give us a different picture of the SUV German. A good example is the Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept, which was one more aspect campero, off-road.