What you missed it? The Veyron of the motorcycle is called the Kawasaki Ninja H2R and has 300 HP

Kawasaki presents the bike of most powerful production of the story.

The living Room of the Motorcycle of Cologne is one of the major global events of the world of two wheels, next to the living Room of the Motorcycle of Milan. What Kawasaki has presented has left us without words. It is the new Kawasaki H2R, the first of a new family of motorcycles equipped with a new propeller turbo. Its power would be around the 300 HP, becoming so effective on the bike more powerful and faster of the story. In its development has involved the entire group Kawasaki Heavy Industries, including the division of the aerospace.

I do Not strange, because this bike has wings. Literally.

Designing the bike faster in the world

The balance between top-end speed, stability and agility is not simple at power levels never seen before.

Kawasaki has resorted to a chassis type Trellis – the same type of chassis used by the Ducati Monster, to go no further afield – with an element of the upper in carbon fiber. The inspiration of the Italian brand can also be found in the braking equipment of the same origin as the components of the Ducati 1199 Panigale. The rear rocker arms is a single arm, like the supersport Ducati. The chassis type Trellis is not usual in Kawasaki, who has wanted to combine stability, speed, and pure agility in curves.

El Veyron de las motos se llama Kawasaki Ninja H2R y tiene 300 CV

fairing carbon fiber is placed on top of the chassis, and has been developed in the wind tunnel by the division aerospace, the huge conglomerate that form Kawasaki Heavy Industries, of which the division of bikes is a small part of it. It is this division aerospace which has developed the flaps aerodynamic together with the handlebar, necessary to maintain high-speed stability. It has not been encrypted, the tip speed of this machine, but with at least 300 HP and less than 1 kg/HP, we can imagine that will surpass quietly to 350 km/h.

As a bike, it is a machine attractive in its design aggressive, extremely angular, and designed with one purpose in mind: efficiency. The huge edges and air intakes to help cooling of the pump that lives in their guts, and fins, and carbon are an added aerodynamic. Not surprisingly, the absence of intermittent, mirrors or passenger seat: H2R – limited run – will be bikes for the circuit. However, a version of “decaffeinated” of street you will see the light, under the name H2. An estimated 200 HP. Pecata minuta, do not?

998 cc, four cylinders, turbo, and 300 HP

300 HP/liter and a weight of about 200 kg, The figures are more like those of a Formula 1 than a Veyron.

is No longer strange to see a car engine of two liters and 300 HP. However, keep in mind that on a bike, all propellant of more than 1.2 or 1.3 liters is very large and especially heavy. Develop a liter engine with 300 HP without supercharging would have been nearly impossible or extremely expensive. For this reason, Kawasaki used his known tetracilíndrico liter and sobrealimentó with a small turbine, developed by its division of turbines and energy generation. The goal: acceleration most powerful ever created for a dirt bike.

The minimum power of this bike is estimated at 300 HP. The Hayabusa’s Ghost Rider Swedish – supercharged up to about 400-500 CV – is able to do a wheelie to 350 km/h, and there is video to prove it. Just thinking about it puts the willies. This tetracilíndrico supercharged by a turbocharger low inertia, might lose some max speed – you could have your limit in the 13,000 or 14,000 rpm – but to change will a torque crippling, possibly closer to the 250 Nm, and more usable from a low regime.

El Veyron de las motos se llama Kawasaki Ninja H2R y tiene 300 CV

A figure of scandal in a bike, where your pilot will have to have nerves of steel to extract all the juice out of the pump located between their knees. In general, use all the power of a motorcycle of more than 70 HP on the highway is dangerous and illegal, so imagine taking full advantage of a road version of this bike, on the open road. The H2R will be destined exclusively to the circuits, with a price that will range between 30,000 and 50,000 euros. Nothing cheap, but has features of Veyron, at around 3% of the price.

In the Hall of Milan will be presented the version of the street, with an engine more usable, and the rest of the added necessary legal so that you can shoot legally.

Source: Motorpasion Moto | Masmoto.net
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El Veyron de las motos se llama Kawasaki Ninja H2R y tiene 300 CV